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Eric Explains Why He's Sorry About What Happened At Beardbrand

Big things are happening at Beardbrand. Eric fills us in on current and future events going on around the company. For starters, we are changing the company tagline. We feel we have accomplished our goal of changing the way beardsmen are viewed throughout society. "Keep on growing" represents not only a man's hair and beard, but personal growth in their entire lives. 

Next up we're talking about the annual Celebration by Beardbrand (CXBB) party taking place March 15, 2017 right here in Austin, TX. This event is a great opportunity for the Beardbrand community to come together and meet the team, and help us celebrate the companies accomplishments! 

Two other important updates to be aware of is the Urban Beardsman Blog, and the Beardbrand discussion forum. This platform was designed for beardsmen all around the world to come together and share their experiences. 

Finally, we officially launched our brand new combs! These combs are both extremely stylish and practical. We are also underway with the production of fragranced sea salt spray. 

Hope you enjoyed being caught up with all the exciting events happening here at Beardbrand. Come on down to Austin for SXSW and party with us! 







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