What Is Beard Balm And How Do You Use It

Parker Mallouf
Today Eric is talking about BEARD BALM. We often get asked the differences between our Utility Balm and Styling Balm. Both are great products, but are designed for different purposes. Beard balm can have several different names (beard balm, beard cream, beard butter, etc.). The Beardbrand Utility Balm serves the purpose of conditioning and softening. Beardbrand Styling Balm on the other hand is designed with the intention of styling, maintaining, and controlling.


  • Hello,

    Please i have some questions regarding the oil and the balm :

    1- if i want to use oil and styling balm . how much time i should wait before applying the styling balm after the oil
    2- after using the balm it is better to brush or to comb my beard as my hear is curly .

    Thank you

    Marc Glovina on

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