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What Makes a Man?

Mahesh is here for Beardbrand again, and today he wants to talk about what it means to "Be A Man".

Beardbrand is not just about the beard - we start dialogues and create a community that is open to discussing things that make us who we are, how we act, and our place on this planet. That's pretty clear in our Youtube Channel. 

Discussing Masculinity

Some of you are aware that Mahesh runs a group called "All Us Men." Mahesh talks to people of all age groups and social backgrounds, and he's found that it's important that men have a space to feel comfortable with themselves and discuss masculinity openly. It's rather easy to say "I'm okay, everything's fine." while losing yourself to whatever you think a man is supposed to be, but that isn't always healthy.

Our definition of what makes us who we are, what our gender is, and how we label ourselves has changed dramatically over the last several decades.

Once Upon A Time

As someone who was born in the mid-70s, Mahesh reminisces about having a traditional household where a woman stayed at home, a man worked all day, and men were not allowed to express emotions to their loved ones. Now that men and women are encouraged to pursue the same jobs and break typical stereotypes - what does that mean for men? Does that mean it's more acceptable for us to show more emotion and be more open hearted, or should we still be the ones doing all the work with a stiff upper lip?

Mahesh believes that it's time to look at ourselves not as male or female role models, but as human beings. He posits that we should look at ourselves as people that are capable of many things - not just as someone who is defined by their sex.

We're Not That Different

When you think about it, men and women have the same capacity for empathy, laughter, love, and emotional expression. Both require shelter and food, both are mammals with skin and hair, and both have reproductive systems. Therefore - it could be said that we're not that different.

Mahesh sees women as empowered - but he also wants men to feel empowered to be whoever they are as well.


Some of the most powerful men we meet are well rounded, well-connected, and articulate - not necessarily leaning into their machismo or feelings about masculinity.

Mahesh employs the idea that we should feel empowered to talk to one another - discuss feelings, articulate thoughts, and help each other grow, rather than keeping feelings and conflicts to ourselves and buried in our image.

He suggests that we take a tip from the women in our lives that we love and respect - perhaps there is something to learn about communication and compassion that will help us grow as powerful men.






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