What to Consider Before a Major Beard Trim | Eric Bandholz

—Parker Mallouf

Before you do anything drastic to your beard or hair you have to get your MIND RIGHT. Today Eric talks about the importance of timing when it comes to trimming or shaving your beard or hair. We all have our emotional ups and downs. While you're in a slump is no time to touch the precious face blanket. Before even considering it, you need to be in an emotional high and feeling good about yourself. Any sort of drastic change to your appearance is initially hard on your self esteem. However, your current appearance typically grows on you within the first few day.

The second important piece of information is simple and to the point. Don't attempt to trim your beard or hair while your drunk. Sometimes we get ideas in our heads while under the influence that we feel the need to act on immediately. No matter how awesome you think you are in a drunken blur, you will not do a good job cutting your beard or hair.


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