What to Do With a Curly Beard: Tips for Grooming

Eric is back again today to give you the number 1 rule to mastering your curly beard! There's a short answer, and a drawn out one. The short version is to embrace it. Easy as that. There is much more information included, so be sure to keep reading and we'll go into more detail.

Here's the deal; a curly beard is super common! A lot of guys are scared of those curls, and shave when they start to see them. It's completely normal though. They can come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. Every beard type has different issues you need to work through to master it. Take straight beards for example a lot of the time the sun can hit your beard and make it look thinner than it is, even if it is the same density as a curly beard. On the extreme end of curly beards, you're gonna have an issue just combing it.

Once you embrace the curls you can formulate a plan to deal with all of it. There are high maintenance routines and low maintenance ones. We've created a bunch of tutorials for all aspects of curlier beards: how to straighten it, groom it, wash it, etc. You get the point. Here are a few rules you should follow if you're planning on rocking the curly beard.

Rule 1: Use the Proper Tools

Use a comb that has a wider tooth. It's a great way to get those curls to straighten out. You can also use an afro pick when you're in a rush. Then a boars bristle brush can help get all your hairs in line, grouped together, and all going the same way.

Rule 2: Use the Proper Routine

It's more than just the balm you use to the oil you use. It's more about the technique and using things like a hair dryer and straightening iron. These are far superior to trying to use a product with a high hold. Cause they won't mess up your beard, and they work better to train your hair in the long run. You can even use a hair dryer to give your beard a bit of a wave as well if you use a diffuser. An important thing to remember is that it's a grooming tool. It's not a girly thing that makes you any less of a man.

Rule 3: Get Your Beard Trimmed Regularly

Going to get your beard trimmed every couple of weeks. It'll help keep it healthy and keep it in the shape you want. You'll want to get it trimmed at your natural state so it'll be easier to maintain.

Then to all the haters who want to say that your beard is just face pubes. Ignore them, and think the opposite. You pubes are more like penis beards.





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Eric Bandholz, Founder