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When To Stop Shaving Your Neck Line - Weekly Update

Jack's back for the 16th week of his yeard journey, and this time he's leaving his neckline behind. In case you didn't know, the neckline is where your skin and beard meet under your jaw. Some guys like to have a sharp and tight neckline, whereas other guys might want it to look a bit more natural. Jack's finally at the phase where he doesn't need to touch it up because his beard has grown so thick and long. Congrats, Jack!

Jack's a huge fan of shaving in cheek and neck lines on the beard, but he's noticing that as his beard gets longer and longer, there's no reason to continue this practice. He's leaving it more natural, and it's actually adding more depth and dimension to his beard. His neck line has been creeping further and further down every time he shaves, but he's actually excited by how much it's adding to his look. 

His rule of thumb? Once you get to the point where you have to lift your beard in order to shave the neck, then you're at the point where you can let it go if you want to. It depends on your personal taste and your own look, but if you're looking to get some massive growth, there's no reason to keep shaving it in after a couple months. 

Speaking of neck lines: Make sure you don't have a "Creeping Neck Line", in which your neck line gets higher and higher every time you shave. Eventually you'll have a face beard, and that's probably not what you're looking for. 


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