Who Knew a Comb Could Be This Awesome

Parker Mallouf

Our newly redesigned handmade beard and mustache combs are made from Italian cellulose-based acetate. The teeth are custom spaced to provide optimal effectiveness.

The comb is cut out of an acetate sheet. The edges are then polished, and the teeth are bevelled and cut. immediately after, the newly cut comb is polished and brushed to remove any remanence left over from the saw.

The teeth are then rounded with a pumice to ensure there are no sharp edges that could cut or snag the beard hair. The result are finely tuned, smoothly tapered teeth with rounded tips for maximum comfort.

Last but certainly not least, the comb is exposed to an acid vapor and tumbled. This gives the comb a polished finish. 


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  • Can I use your comb on an afro type beard?

    Steve on

  • Carlos… you’re liquored up for this vid, right?

    Ted on

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