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Why a Side Part is the Easiest Haircut to Style

Today Carlos is back at Cut & Grind to get the best classic hairstyle. Brice is going to his hair, and they are going to keep it quite short. They are gonna get rid of some of the volume and give him a side part, while still letting him style his hair as a messy pomp. Brice is gonna start at a 3 on the sides, then a 2, then finally a 1. He doesn't go too high with the machine, that way it is easier to fade with the scissors. You start with the highest guard first, that way the possibility of a line less likely. It's still a fade. To avoid Carlos' scar, he feathers/tapers the edges in that area to make it blend in.

Brice is making the cut soft and natural so that it grows back similar to how it looks when the cut it finished. He has a special machine where he can change the side of the guard on the handle. So Brice is constantly changing it to give the best haircut possible. When you flick the trimmer properly, the fade almost does itself. It really creates a nicer looking cut and soft lines. Then he uses a smaller trimmer to clean up some of the edges.

After wetting the hair, Brice takes a comb and a straight razor to get rid of the volume in the hair without completely removing the length. Just make to follow the way the hair falls, and never go to the root. Then he uses thinning scissors over comb on the edges to help connect the edge of fade with Carlos' hair. You gotta go straight up with the comb to leave some of the weight for the side part. Stay consistent with your movement to create a uniform look all the way through the hair.

After blow-drying his hair, Brice goes in with thinning scissors on the edges to help create that natural look. He finishes with the smaller trimmer to get rid of the stray hairs and remove any hard lines, then goes through again with a smaller comb, flush with the scalp, and thinning scissors. Lastly, he texturizes the other side of the haircut to make it not look so much like an undercut and get rid of those rough edges.





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