Your Beard Routine in Real-Time

—Josh Lawson

Greg heard all your comments about how long his beard routine takes, so he's here to clear up all those questions you may have after seeing his previous videos. Since his beard and hair have both been recently trimmed, he felt now was as good a time as any to show his morning routine in real-time.

He washes his beard with Blank Slate Beard Wash and conditions it with Blank Slate Beard Softener. He washes the Beard Wash out after thoroughly working it through his beard, but he keeps the softener in there for about a minute. Instead of washing it all out, he leaves a little in his beard so it can condition his beard throughout the day.

After running through the shower, his beard and hair are still wet and he's ready to show off his routine. He combs his hair into place pretty easily. The beard dries pretty quickly, so he has to work pretty quickly. If he doesn't do anything else by combing it down, then it will poof out soon after. To help it lay flat he uses a blow dryer and a round brush. He dried it in the direction of growth and the direction he wanted it to lay, while he used the brush to sweep it under his jawline. Basically, he wants the beard to hug his face a little more. That really helps increase how thick the beard looks.

All of that he was able to accomplish without the aid of any products. As far as his mustache goes, he uses the brush and blow dryer again to get it out and a little off to the side. To help give his beard more shape and hold it in place, he uses the Tea Tree Styling Balm. He prefers balm to oil, as the balms just work better for his beard. So he works it into his beard and uses a comb to get it all how he wants it to look. Then he takes a little more balm and works it into his mustache to get a small curl going.

That's basically all he does for his beard, and it only took about five minutes. Next, he's onto his hair. It is actually still wet, so he dries it upside down as he works his fingers through it. Even without a round brush, he is still able to get a lot of volume by drying it upside down. That just the way his hair naturally grows. Next, he takes some Styling Balm again and works it into his hair. This style won't necessarily stay like this due to humidity, but the shape will stay.

And that's his morning routine. It still included a little talking, so the actual time might be a bit shorter. Some mornings may take a little longer than others, depending on what he'd like to spend more time on each day.

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