Yuxel Dasdemir

Who I Am

My name is Yuxel Dasdemir and I am 30 years old. Originally from Turkey, a town called Cappadocia which is a beautiful, magical and traditional Anatolian place. It is also known as “The Land of the Beautiful Horses” and I grew up riding horses in the mountains. I am a passionate Mediterranean man: I’m a lover, traveler, rider and a dreamer.


What I Do

When I first came to London I was a student trying to learn the English language. Then I created my own business which was a pedicab service, often known as rickshaws which are very popular with tourists. It helped me get to know the most famous parts of London, as well as strong legs from all that cycling! I still cycle, however have recently bought a motorcycle which is much easier on the legs!

Where I Live

Life in Turkey was so peaceful; a beautiful town full of friends and family. Since moving to the UK I have been living in East London, an area called Dalston. In five years I have seen it change so much; in the beginning it seemed like I was the only strong beard in town, however I see many more beards nowadays as the beardsmen have moved in!

Why I Beard

I like to grow my beard, I believe beards are the power of men. This is about a lifestyle for all bearded men, I can’t call it a trend or a fashion, it’s a way of life.

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