4 Minute Beard Grooming | Eric Bandholz

Beard grooming doesn't have to be hard. Today Eric is showing you how it's done in under 5 minutes.

Grab your comb, hairdryer, and some utility balm. Fresh out of the shower, towel dry your hair then comb out the tangles. Take a dime-sized amount of utility balm, emulsify, and work it into your beard.

Using a medium heat and medium flow setting on your hairdryer, start by blowing the hair upward, then left to right, right to left, then down from the chin to the neck. The last little tweaks are really just about getting the beard exactly where you want it, and locking in the final look.

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  • Just purchased your Old Money utility balm, oil, and series of mustache wax from Urban Beardsmen. I am really looking forward to using your products after a friend would not stop talking about their quality. Your videos are very helpful as well. My question is can I, or should I, use the beard oil and utility balm together? Or is that overkill?


    Benjamin on

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