9 Best Beard Comebacks | Eric Bandholz

Do you get the same old questions and comments about your beard? Well take notes, gentlemen - Eric is here to give you the best comebacks to the most common beard questions.

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  • Back story, my dad has had a beard since I was born. Never seen him without one. When I was younger and just started trying to grow mine, I hadn’t seen him in a while. The first thing he says to me " did you shave your girlfriends pussy and glue it to your chin". That was my dad he recently passed away and I have vowed to never shave my beard in his honor.
    I live in Spokane and was wondering if you have a store front or on line only? I can’t seem to get any real length on my beard but it is really thick. Need product suggestions. I thought you guys were great on shark tank. Their loss
    Thanks again

    John Foster on

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