Mustache Wax

Do you style your mustache on a daily basis, or has the idea of it never really interested you? Whatever your case may be, we can guarantee you’ll become a fan of our mustache wax. If you struggle keeping your stache out of your mouth as you eat and drink, a wax will immediately solve all your problems (just kidding – only this one). Our mustache wax is easy to use and offers a handful of awesome uses aside from the obvious. When your mustache is looking unruly, tame it using a bit of wax. It’ll provide a medium hold, one that isn’t stiff, but instead appears natural. What if your eyebrows have some wild hairs happening? Same deal – apply the wax to smooth them out. The mustache wax can even act as a chapstick if you don’t have it on hand, as it’s made up of natural ingredients like beeswax, lanolin, and jojoba oil. These conveniently sized sticks fit right in your pocket, so you can keep your mustache in check all day.

We offer our mustache wax in the scents of the Silver and Gold Collections. The Silver Collection includes Tree Ranger, Spiced Citrus, and Tea Tree. For the Gold Collection, you’ll choose from Temple Smoke, Four Vices, and Old Money. See the descriptions for each to get a better idea of the scent notes. Admittedly, each scent is uniquely awesome, so we can’t pick just one. If you can’t either, choose the 3 packs so you can switch up the smell whenever you want. You can also opt for a 3 pack of a single scent if that tickles your fancy.

The usefulness and great scents of these waxes will convert even the stubbornest of nonbelievers. Trust us, gift them a tube and witness the conversion (and then tell us about it). All of our products are formulated with natural ingredients and no parabens, sulfates, or silicones. Like you, we care about what we’re putting on our skin, hence why we chose only beneficial ingredients. Have a question about our mustache wax or how to use it? Send us a message and we’ll be more than happy to help you out.