Sea Salt Spray For Men's Hair

Styling your hair may not be something you’re used to doing. Maybe you simply wash it and give it a quick dry with a towel. Even still, you may not be totally pumped about how it looks. If it’s looking flat and lackluster, we’ve got an easy to use solution for you. Our Sea Salt Spray will give your hair that fresh-off-the-beach texture without the humidity.

What’s so great about this stuff? Well, unlike the sticky gels and pastes of your teenage years, this spray is light and easy to work with. Formulated with natural ingredients like kaolinite clay, the spray mimics the grit of beach sand and salt—because of this, you’ll need to shake it up to mix everything together. Plus, the sprays are vegan-friendly. With a healthy dose of spraying through your hair and styling with your hands and a dryer, you’ll be able to achieve those textured beachy waves whenever you want. Not about the dryer life? Run your hands through your damp hair with a crunching motion and you’re set for that effortless look. The finished style won’t be shiny, but matte. The spray won’t stiffen your hair, but instead provide a slight degree of hold. You can even find a video tutorial in our blog on how our founder, Eric, uses Sea Salt Spray.

Our Sea Salt Spray comes in a wide range of scents that you’ll love. In our Gold Collection, you’ll find awesome scents like Old Money, Temple Smoke, and Four Vices. In the Silver Collection, we offer Tree Ranger, Spiced Citrus, and Tea Tree. Check out the descriptions for each to see specific scent notes. It’s tough to pick out our favorite because, well, they’re each uniquely badass. Buy a single scent or an entire collection to switch it up daily.

If you’re looking for an easy way to style your hair without using products that make your hair feel greasy or like straw, you’ll love the Sea Salt Spray. Shoot us a message if you have any questions about this or any other grooming products from Beardbrand.