Beard Trimming Scissors


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We have worked hard to develop a pair of scissors that are not only functionally awesome, but also beautiful to look at. These Beardbrand Scissors were designed by our founder, Eric Bandholz, and feature a matte finish with gold accents. The handle is ergonomically shaped and designed to put your third finger through the hole and use the rest of the handle to rest your two fingers. This gives you more control when trimming.

The blade is made of Japanese Steel 4034 and has a HRC rating of 55 - 56. This quality level is nearly at professional hair cutting scissors level, which have a hardness rating of 59 - 60 and a price tag between $250 - $500. The final assembly of the scissors happens in Taiwan and then they come over to us in the States.

The scissors are 5.25" and the blades are about 2.5" from tip to fulcrum to meet the requirements of TSA for travel. That being said, never put it past them to not know the current regulations.


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Works great

Works great

I can’t review. I bought

I can’t review. I bought this for my son for Christmas. I’ll let you know if he liked

Beard Trimming Scissors

Absolutely kick major butt! These scissors are very sharp and precise for cutting even the most delicate single hair on your beard. Thank you!

Perfect and great price.

I was hesitant to get these because good scissors are not cheap and cheap scissors are not any good. I ruined my pair by trying to sharpen and purchased these because the reviews were favorable. I am very pleased with them. They are comfortable, perfect size and easy to use.

Awesome scissors, but comes with a new obsession.

I now HAVE to find EVERY last split end and terminate them with extreme prejudice! It's turned into a bit of a game for me while I'm in the truck. See how many I can find before the dockworkers get in the trailer and start bouncing around in there.

The shears themselves are awesome. Handed them over to a professional stylist for inspection and got her seal of approval, with bonus points for just how light they are. Perfect for shaping, while still being small and maneuverable enough to weed out individual split ends and trim them off. My stylist didn't quite feel they were robust enough to add to her professional arsenal, but at 1/8th the cost of her favorite pair of shears I take the fact that she considered them so strongly as pretty high praise. Me, I love them. So much so that if Beardbrand came out with a good leather or nylon sheath for them, I'd scoop it up in an instant. Until then, they'll live in the cardboard box until the time comes to do battle against the dreaded forces of Split Ends again.