Tea Tree Beardsman's Kit


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 Beardsman's Grooming Kit

This kit came about because we were tired of seeing shaving kits on the market with no love for beardsman. This ultimate bearded kit contains no razors, just products for grooming your beard.

We've worked hard to find a woodworker based in America who could keep up with demand and we've found a great one. The box is made with fine attention to details and even includes tiny magnets to keep the lid shut. Found inside the beautiful black walnut box is a Large Comb, Pocket Comb, Mustache Comb, Boar's Hair Brush, Trimming Scissors, Tea Tree Mustache Wax, and Tea Tree Beard Oil.

Tea Tree is a crisp, fresh blend that inspires adventures. Imagine taking a step outside into the brisk morning air in the mountains. With notes of vanilla and peppermint, it's the perfect refreshing scent to wear anytime.

As with all of our products, we focus on quality and attention to detail. This kit will live up to the Beardbrand reputation and we are excited to offer it as the ultimate urban beardsman package.


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Tea tree beardman’s kit

I didn’t really know what to expect of this kit box, and I have to say, I was and still very pleased and enjoy every time when I decide to use these product. The box is made with a real quality product and Kraftmanshift. It is also great to have a place where to put and keep the products together.
Well done guys

Beardsman Kit

Overall awesome kit! All my Beardbrand oils, waxes, and combs fit perfectly in the box. Loving the ability in the new box to have oil bottles upright. 4-stars only because I wanted the partitions for everything like in the last style box.

As advertised. High quality and

As advertised. High quality and all you need in one functional package!

Best kit for a beardsman

At first, I thought three combs was a little bit excessive and I was really thrown back by how long the largest comb is. Then as I started using what I can only describe as the best trimming scissors I've ever held, I realized the length really came in handy—not for combing your beard but to help trim it. Then I remembered that barber's combs are huge, too, so this makes sense! Because it's best for trimming, I don't take it out of the bathroom. Then I was surprised to see that the mustache comb is a bit different (or was, if they've fixed it) than the display picture. It actually has a handle for your pointer and thumb to grip it and almost looks like it belongs in a box with a bunch of dolls. I thought that comb was a bit silly, too, but as my mustache grew out I realized that its teeth were even smaller than the smaller side of the pocket comb and it really does a great job of grooming your mustache in the morning—especially after putting some mustache wax in. Then I thought the brush was lacking in the amount of bristles it had, but realized that the spacing was really good for helping it work through the hair and I haven't seen a single hair fall out of it yet. I love it. It really makes your hair feel softer and help you train the hair whose grain doesn't agree with you. Finally, the beard oil. I went with Tea Tree and don't regret it. I love the smell of crisp air that comes from a New England fall morning or at the top of a mountain. I was worried this scent wouldn't follow through but it does have a hint of that with some other pleasant smells. The oil itself is great on my beard and mustache, but it's so good I actually use it on my neck after a shave and let what's left on my hands stay to moisturized them as well. Thanks for such great products, Beardbrand.

Magic Box

Every Beardman must have this box! There are all the useful products for care, inside a wonderful wooden box. Council! Top BeardBrand