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Let your hair hang loose
Beardbrand Sea Salt Spray gives you naturally textured, volumized, free-flowing hair with a touch of hold.

It’s loaded with vitamin-rich Dead Sea salt that nourishes and strengthens hair follicles; curl-enhancing magnesium sulfate; and kaolinite clay that helps eliminate toxins from the hair.

Stock up, save on shipping, and experience the best of our Silver & Gold Line Fragrances with this awesome two-pack.

Combo Includes: Temple Smoke Sea Salt Spray & Tree Ranger Sea Salt Spray 3.4 fl oz / 100 ml. (approx. 3 months each).



What's it smell like?
Temple Smoke’s sweet and smoky scent profile inspired by the fragrance of oud incense evokes the feeling of a temple retreat—or a hasty retreat from a hidden temple.

Use it for: adding volume and texture to thinner hair and beards, or enhancing the natural curl pattern of thicker hair and beards.

How Much You Get: 3.4 fl oz / 100 ml. (approx. 3 months) in our best-selling fragrance, Temple Smoke.

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Sea Salt Spray Reviews

This stuff is the best – Matt

I have long wavy hair and this stuff gives it a bit of texture and a little something extra to help out my style. It smells great too! I use the Old Money scent. It’s my favorite. Never in my life have I tried sea salt spray. I guess I always thought it was something women used and men didn’t need to. Try this stuff. I believe you’ll love it.

Five stars – Adam

My hair is on borrowed time. I'm 32 years old and I expect to keep what's left of it for another 5 years, tops. But instead of buzzing it to avoid ultra-fine - dare I say, stringy - head hair, Beardbrand's Sea Salt Spray gives it the volume, texture, look, and even a scent that allows me to enjoy the short but precious time we have left together.

Great product – Lorenzo

Where has this been all my life?! I’ve used gels, waxes, hair sprays and many other things including toothpaste and superglue. But this stuff is amazing for getting the matte look I wanted and being able to reshape it after a drive with the top down. I love it and will only go with my styling balm if I need something a little firmer.

Lee-git – John

Over the last two years, I’ve grown my hair out. It’s gotten to the point of needing some help. The Sea Salt Spray is awesome. I’m not sure how it works, but it does. It adds some wave to my straight hair. The misses loves the look and the smell. Only issue I can find with it is the other females are also noticing. This stuff is so good it should come with a marriage disclaimer!

Some damn good stuff, I tell ya – Glen

I don’t really know where to begin. This Sea Salt Spray has been a lifesaver. Since adding this to my routine, my hair has looked the best it has in my adult life. It smells ORGASMIC AND adds great texture so you can look your best. For those of you out there with wavy and curly hair—buy this sea salt spray—your hair will thank you.

Best Sea Salt Spray – Joseph

This Sea Salt Spray is the best I’ve used. I’ve tried other higher-end Sea Salt Sprays, but they all dry out my hair. This one doesn’t dry my hair out at all but still gives the perfect texture and light, flowy hold and leaves my hair soft.

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What happens when your soap, hair care products, beard care products, styling products, and cologne are all in entirely different fragrances?

You end up smelling all discombobulated. It’s confusing—it’s scent confusion.

We’ve worked hard at Beardbrand to formulate a full line of products for hair, beard, and skin in six awesome fragrances. With 12 unique products available in all Gold Line fragrances, and 11 in all Silver Line fragrances, Beardbrand has you covered from the top down so you can finally say goodbye to scent confusion.