Septembeard is back to help you gear up for growing season!

Here’s how it works—place an order on between September 1st and September 30th, and if the last digit (or digits) of your order number ends with the corresponding date of your order, we’ll email you with a Beardbrand credit valid through the end of 2021.


  • September 1st: any order number ending in 1 wins, i.e., order numbers 503241, 483021, or 555551, would win.
  • September 6th: any order number ending in 6 wins, i.e., order numbers 503246, 483026, or 666666, would all win.
  • September 10th: any order number ending in 10 wins, i.e., 505010, 505110, or 505210, would win.


  • September 1st-9th: $50 Beardbrand credit (1 in 10 wins).
  • September 10th-30th: $250 Beardbrand credit (1 in 100 wins).

Winners are limited to one Beardbrand credit for the giveaway's duration, so once you win, you can’t win again. Winners will be notified and receive their Beardbrand credit via email within two business days of winning.

It’s a Beardbrand Septembeard Bonanza, so what are you waiting for?! Get growing.

The 2021 Beardbrand Septembeard Giveaway Officials Rules