Having awesome hair shouldn’t be hard.

But, that’s the problem—pomade, putty, wax, and gel leave your hair feeling hard, crunchy, and oily. Seriously, touching your hair shouldn’t be the equivalent of sticking your hand in a bag of potato chips.

Enter Beardbrand Styling Balm.

From head to beard, it provides enough hold to keep thick, curly hair under control, keep thinner hair from falling flat, and keep the most unruly beards inline—all while leaving your hair flexible, touchable, and soft.

The natural ingredients with no sulfates, parabens, and silicones make it easy to wash out.

What can Styling Balm do for your style? Check out the tutorials below.

Beardbrand Styling Balm—it’s a no-brainer because the last thing you want to be when it comes to your hair is hard-headed.


Scoop out a pea-size amount of balm, rub hands together, and work into your beard or head hair.

Start at the back of the head and work to the front.

Apply the product evenly from the roots of the hair to the tips. Add more as needed.

Shape hair to the desired style. Styling Balm works on both damp or dry hair.


Carlos shows you how to integrate Styling Balm into your beard styling routine:


Greg shows you how to style your hair with Styling Balm and Sea Salt Spray:

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Serving over 100k customers, and with over 800 five star reviews on our Styling Balm, we're confident you're going to love our product.

Check out what customers are saying:

Zach B. says:


"I am absolutely in love with this amazing product, seems to me to be some incredible mixture of science and witchcraft. From the amazing fragrance to the longevity and hold I am thoroughly impressed with Beardbrand."

Joel B. says:


"This is what I use to style my hair when I want more hold. Start with a little, experiment with the amount you use. I find a little does a lot. The scent - Old Money - is simply the best of all the styling products I’ve ever used. Ive never smelled anything like it!"

Abe C. says:


"This works absolutely fantastic in the morning styling my hair. It has the perfect hold, doesn't make your hair crispy and smells great"


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