Sure, we like to brag about how awesome we are (because we are), but we aren't the only ones doing that. Check out a few words from our urban beardsmen around the world.

[The Large Grooming Kit] arrived in perfect condition. Thank you so much. It's beautiful, it has a proud place on my window sill.

Ricki Hall, London, UK

Eric you truly are an inspiration. I didn't know that me trying to be in the bearded community was going to help me with my self confidence and with the way I look at life. But you sir have truly helped me see things in a different life and I want to thank you.

-G.S., Ohio, USA

I have a 23 month old son who has never been a fan of my beard; so it is hard to get some good hugs sometimes. So I purchased beard oil and he was watching me put it on the other day and was fascinated to smell it (he likes to smell things). He then wanted to smell my beard. That night when I was putting him to sleep he put his head up and smelled my beard on my cheek and gave me a big kiss and said 'Good!'. You and your Beardbrand made me a happy father!

-A.G., Colorado, USA

Hey Dude(s) and Dudettes? Wanted you to know my order is already here. Damn that was FAST! I appreciate the super quick shipping. As a person who almost exclusively shops online, this leaves a great first impression.

I also wanted to thank you for making a presence in the clean-shaven world and supporting those of us rocking great and epic beards. The Youtube videos really left an impression and caused me to change my buying decision to you folks instead of a faceless Amazon merchant. The personal touch means a lot to someone like me. Keep making vids!

-A.A., Ohio, USA

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