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I was a skeptic. I saw and read the reviews, and my beard was getting at a length that needed more attention. I initially went with the value brands that were easily available at my local store, but I wanted to upgrade and get out of my “comfort box.” I bought some Old Money Utility Balm, and I have no regrets. The smell, the feel, and the duration is just brilliant! Since then, I have bought Temple Smoke products, some Old Money Mustache Wax and will soon buy some Four Vices (probably sooner than later). My wife and daughters love the investment in myself. My old man is now a believer. These products last a while and are worth the money. Do yourself a favor and take a leap of faith.

I noticed I had spent hundreds of dollars on beard products trying to find the right scent and ingredients. I’ve known Beardbrand for years but thought it was too expensive. After spending so much money on beard products and not really finding anything I like, I decided to give them a go. I just hate myself for not trying it years ago. It would have saved me money from buying all this other crap I will never use again. I can’t see myself using any other company again. Temple Smoke is amazing, and it is literally lingering on my beard for a full day. Old Money is just... Bro, I promise you will never regret it.

Scott Fischer - 5 Stars

I started growing out my beard at the beginning of this year as a New Year’s resolution because I hadn’t ever tried before. I found out that I looked good with a beard even though it isn’t completely thick, but I couldn’t find any products that were living up to expectations and claims of how well they worked. Enter Beardbrand. I got some samples to just try out the different scents and loved them all, especially the Temple Smoke. So, I started trying out different products and have loved them all so far—everything from the Beard Oil and Balm, the Sea Salt Spray, and the Beard Wash and Softener. They have all lived up to what Beardbrand says they do and so much better.

My favorite thing isn’t the products, though. It’s the support and confidence of the community of customers and owner behind Beardbrand. It’s like a second family. All I can really say is thank you for the confidence, support, and Keep on Growing.

Charles - 5 Stars

Utility Balm
Utility Balm is the best and most versatile beard product in the market today. It provides my beard with the moisture it needs, combined with just the right amount of control. I love the Tree Ranger scent and use the Utility Balm daily in combination with the Utility Bar/Sea Salt Spray.

Steve - 5 Stars

Professional level balm
I’ve had a full, trimmed beard for over 10 years, but I decided to grow it out this year. My wife is a hairdresser and has bought me many “professional products'' from the beauty supply… nothing compares to the Beardbrand Utility Balm! I love how it works—it melts quickly without a bunch of chunks and smells wonderful! Temple Smoke is the only one I’ve used so far. Love it! I can’t wait to try the others!

James - 5 Stars

Superior Products
I’ve purchased beard products from several vendors, but I really feel Beardbrand makes the best. From Beard Oil to Utility Balm, they smell great and leave my beard and the underlying skin hydrated and soft. No, they’re not cheap, but you get what you pay for. Temple Smoke and Four Vices are my favorites, and yeah, the customer services rocks, too!

Tyler - 5 Stars

Smell - 5 stars
Smell duration - 5 stars
Feel - 5 stars
Customer service - 5 star

Will be getting the rest of my products from here moving forward. Quality is amazing in the Gold Line. Top-notch customer service; really took care of me when a heatwave destroyed my order. Cannot recommend them enough.

Brent - 5 Stars

Top of the line luxury and quality products
Beardbrand consistently seems to be innovatively raising the bar on quality, and the redesign of their Beard Oil stands as proof of just that. I’ve tried a number of beard products, and I’ve yet to find any that beat the quality of these. I use the Gold Line Old Money Beard Oil, Sea Salt Spray, and Utility Balm, and it perfectly grooms, shapes, and conditions my beard just as I wish it to!


I start with the Beard Oil to condition my beard and skin and prep it for blow-drying. Then with a Round Brush, I blow dry it into shape. When almost fully dry, I spray my beard with the Sea Salt Spray and blow dry it a final time on the cold setting to lock in the shape. The Sea Salt Spray adds the perfect amount of crunch and hold and almost acts as a hair spray when fully dry. To finish, I use the Utility Balm from further conditioning and hold.


All these products are top of the line luxury and quality, and I don’t foresee myself not being a customer anytime soon. Well done, boys!

Kenneth - 5 Stars

One of my best life investments yet
Just like the Beard Wash/Softener, I was skeptical about buying Beard Oil in a smaller bottle, but having a neatly trimmed beard doesn’t require as much of it. It makes my beard and face feel smoother than my butt as a baby—not that I remember any moment of my life circa 27 to 28 years ago, but you get the gist.

I’ve even been using the leftover Beard Oil residue on my hands to rub it onto the sides of my nose, elbows, eyebrows, tattoos, lower arms, and even on my other beard—seriously. It’ll make you shine and smell so good. Even for those of you without a beard—but happened to stumble upon this site with the hopes that maybe one day you will grow a beard—go ahead and just buy it. I’m even contemplating buying the Utility Balm specifically for my skin.

TL;DR: just buy it and feel great. Take my word for it, but if you don’t like it—find me and punch me in the face.

Arman - 5 Stars

I did not know that my fuzzy, curly, itchy mess of a beard could actually look, smell, and feel this good until I discovered Beardbrand. One of the best investments I’ve ever made!

Matt - 5 Stars

Still great
Everything I purchase from Beardbrand seems to end up being what I've used exclusively in the end. The hardest part is picking the scent. I started with Spiced Citrus, ended with all the Gold Line, and I love each for different reasons. Four Vices was one of the last I tried and quickly became my most used between Shampoo, Conditioner, and Utility Balm.

I bought the end of scent confusion pack (Utility Bar, Utility Balm, and Deodorant), and just as expected, the Deodorant smells great, and the packaging was almost questionably classy. I sweat a lot and work a pretty grimy/hot job, so not sweating or smelling perfectly un-funky isn’t necessarily the top priority. I’m just happy I don’t need to either smell like a high school gym locker full of chemicals or a lemon/lime from some of the natural deodorants I’ve tried.

Beardbrand rules. So much so they've transcended beard care and become my go-to for general grooming.