Alliance Conference 2020 All Access Pass

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We started the Alliance Conference in 2019 to provide an exclusive Beardbrand experience. It was so successful in its first year that we’ve expanded it for year two. This year’s Alliance Conference features two days of breakout sessions at Beardbrand HQ with your favorite Beardbranders—including Eric, Carlos, and Greg; haircuts and beard trims; style consultations; a pre-CxBB barbecue; early-access passes to CxBB; and more. Limited tickets are available.

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (approximately) | Beardbrand HQ
1000 E 51st St. Austin, TX, 78751


  • Breakout sessions with Eric Bandholz, Carlos Costa, Greg Berzinsky, Travis White, and more
  • Haircut and beard trim with a legendary barber
  • 3 professional photos
  • Group event at Urban Axes the evening of the 11th 
  • Private backyard barbecue at Beardbrand HQ on the 12th
  • Early-access passes to CxBB
  • Alliance Conference T-Shirt (register by February 10th to guarantee size)
  • A full style consultation (optional)
  • Be featured on the Beardbrand YouTube Channel and social media accounts (optional)


Our annual Beardbrand company party - raise a glass, dance, and laugh with your favorite Beardbranders. Enjoy domestics and wells on the Beardbrand tab for a portion of the evening, and live music all night. CxBB is free and open to the public, so friends and family are welcome. 

7:00 PM - 11:00 PM | Beardbrand HQ

1000 E 51st St. Austin, TX, 78751

Tickets to the Alliance Conference are non-refundable. For more information about tickets, please reach out to [email protected]

Tab: Pricing

Early “Beard” | $400 (ends January 2, 2020)
Standard | $500 (Ends March 10)
Day-Of | $750
Plus One | $100 (Includes access to everything except for haircuts, style consultation, and professional photos)

Exclusive pricing is available for Alliance Members. If you’re not a part of the community, reach out to [email protected] to check on your eligibility. 

Ticket price does not include transportation or lodging.

Tab: Featured Speakers

The Alliance Conference is about bringing together growth-minded people and providing education and resources to help you Keep on Growing. One of the ways that we do that is through focussed breakout sessions on grooming, personal style, lifestyle, confidence, personal and professional development, and more. Conference attendees also have the option to receive a full style consultation from Beardbrand’s Sylvester Louis and League of Rebels.


Eric Bandholz | @ericbandholz
Eric Bandholz is the founder of Beardbrand. He enjoys spending time with his family, building businesses, and of course, mastering his style.

Greg Berzinsky | @berzinsky
Along with fashion, men’s grooming, fitness, and style—Instagram and YouTube have given Greg a platform to speak on issues related to men growing old gracefully, dealing with bullying, and being content in any situation. Greg has recently signed with Vie Model and Talent Agency. A lead architect at City Invincible by training, but an artist from birth, Greg loves to paint—you may have seen his watercolor beard portraits on Beardbrand’s YouTube channel.

Carlos Costa | @roque_80
Carlos, by blood, was born and raised Portuguese but has called the UK his home for the past 16 years. His most important roles in life are being a partner and a father, but also feels blessed to work as a male model / digital influencer alongside some amazing creative people and brands he's met along the way.

Travis White | @trav_white_
Travis White is a model, photographer, style expert, and the founder of Unkept Gentleman. Travis has unique expertise in building a personal brand on social media and can walk you through the necessary steps to take your game to the next level.

Tab: Featured Barbers

Alliance Conference attendees have the option to receive free cuts and beard trims from a few of the world’s most legendary barbers—all of whom have been featured on the Beardbrand YouTube Channel. You’ll receive an email after registration with information about scheduling your haircut. 

Jake the Barber | Men’s Club Barbershop | Philadelphia, PA

Dave Banks | Gentlemen & Rogues | Birmingham, UK

Cisco Alba | ODPhadez | Austin, TX

Barbers are subject to availability. We will honor requests on a first-come, first-served basis until the barber’s time slots are full. Barbers will be available for cuts and trims on March 11th and 12th.

Tab: Sponsors

Nine Banded Whiskey
Big Swig Sparkling Water
League of Rebels


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
AllianceCon: An Experience Like No Other

As with all things, Beardbrand was ahead of it's time with it's mission and products, but it's pioneering spirit is on greatest display in their effort to physically bring together the men they set out to change through those things ... via The Beardbrand Alliance Conference.

You patronize a particular brand (among so many brands out there) because of something that is special about that brand. For me, it's their unique perspective on beards and grooming, on men's style, on the overall everyday posture of men out in the world doing what they do, and the way they look and feel while they're doing it. And so it's a very special thing when you get to meet that team of people who created that movement from which you benefit daily. To participate in break-out sessions where you get to hear about aspects and subtopics of that mission on a granular level by the creators, thinkers, and models of the brand ... it's just a singularly special experience.

But the apex of it all is the fellowship you share with beneficiaries of the Beardbrand mission from around the country, and realizing you are a part of a family of men who are all just trying to be better. It's communal. It's encouraging. It's re-calibrating. And also ... Austin is an ass-kicking town! I would strongly encourage anyone who has the means to attend to take the leap and just go. It's a truly wonderful experience, worth every penny.

Alliance Con 2020 Bound

Honestly, I had a great time at Alliance Con 2019 and CxBB party afterward, that I did not want to leave! Enjoyed Austin so much too!

The speakers were good, the format and agenda were great, but... For me, it really was more about the fellowship, communion with like minds, meeting my brothers in the Alliance, meeting the faces of Beardbrand--- Eric, Sylvester, Jack, Greg, Carlos, Mahesh and those behind the scenes at Beardbrand as well.

No wonder that I'm going back this year! Meet up with old friends and make new ones as well. It's like coming home.

Thank you Beardbrand, for offering and hosting this event!

Exceptional Conference

I’ve attended every year, and I was obviously impressed each time. Of course, I wouldn’t miss this year, and I’m looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones in March.

The most valuable part of the experience, to me, is the confidence I walk away with. I personally love the style consultation, and I hope they make it even better this year, if that’s possible.

Since I live in Austin, this isn’t a vacation. I’m jealous of the folks who travel here, get to be tourists, AND experience the conference. If you haven’t come to Austin, you should, and March is a great time to visit because it’s usually great weather from the end of March until June.

Thank you Beardbrand... well done.

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