Anatomy of the Beard Poster


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 Beard Anatomy Poster

Breaking down the beard is pretty simple - you got the mustache and the beard. It might be hard to believe, but not everyone knows that and that's why we designed this Anatomy of the Beard Poster. The beard stands proud against the dark grey back drop and will look lovely on any wall or desk.

This design was created by our in-house Graphic designer, Tré Carden, as part of our 2017 poster series. This product is a digital download that you can print at home or your local print shop. Instructions and multiple file sizes are included in the digital file that is sent upon completion of your order.


Customer Reviews

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Only brand- Beardbrand!

To whom it may concern, you’ve given birth to a movement, the “Beardbrand “ movement. Cheers! GB....

Absolutely love it.

Hangs proudly in my office. A study of Victorian hodgepodge; occult sciences and books on witchcraft next to childhood stuff animals and memento mori.

Not sure

I think the “poster” would be much cooler if it were an actual poster instead of a pic on my iPad. I collect posters and frame them and would gladly pay money for you to send me a poster carefully packaged in a cardboard tube. I’ve been growing my beard for 6 months and I’ve done that many times but this is the first time I’ve been serious about taking care of it. I’ve done a lot of research on products and I was all set to buy yours when I realized that there are many other “premium” beard products on the market. Msds sheets aside I see that a lot of other products have very similar ingredients that do not contain water and silicone like you discuss in one of your YouTube videos. To summarize as much as I’m interested in your products the fact that I can get other “premium” beard oils and balms for less than half the price is hard to ignore. The industry standard is right around $12.99 I would be willing to pay up to $16.99 for yours if it’s truly that much better than your competition but so far it’s been hard for me to justify spending $28-$40 on one container of beard oil when I know I can get 2 going on 3 for that amount. I’m sure there are some garbage brands out there and in most cases in life u get what u pay for but when the majority of brands out there are killing u guys on price one has to question. I’m still interested in your products I’m just waiting to see if u will come down off your outrageous pricing.

Hey Julius! Sorry to hear that you didn't find value in the free poster downloads available on We present some suggestions for printing them locally at a print shop with the confirmation email. If you'd like to pay for a pre-printed poster, here's a link to our Teespring page which has our posters available for purchase: With regards to our pricing, there are many factors that go into our pricing decisions. We have always said that there are cheaper alternatives and even have YouTube videos on how to create your own beard oil at home. We understand that not everyone will be ready or willing financially to purchase our products, and that's understandable. We hope that you give us another look in the future, Julius. Reach out to us at [email protected] if we can answer any questions or do anything for you.
Great poster!

Now I have something for those who don't understand :grin:

Cool poster!!

Cool poster!!