Eau de Parfum with Scented Candle Gift

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Limited-edition Gold Line Scented Candles
Eau de Parfum by Beardbrand is for you and those close to you—meaning you won't leave the whole room smelling like you after you leave it. We can't say the same about these limited-edition matching Scented Candles. We only made a very limited quantity, so snag an EdP and free Scented Candle Gift before we burn through them.


Scent confusion happens when your soap, beard care products, styling products, and cologne are all different fragrances. So, whether it’s the rich and complex scent of Old Money, the enticing blend of coffee, tobacco, cannabis, and hops found in Four Vices, or the sweet and smoky reverence found in Temple Smoke—Beardbrand has you covered from the ground up. Eau de Parfum is available in all three Gold Line fragrances, so you can say goodbye to scent confusion and build a full grooming and styling routine around one scent profile.


Eau de Parfum
Spray Eau de Parfum on one or two pulse points on the body, holding the bottle three to six inches from the skin. Body heat helps to diffuse the fragrance as you wear it, and a more personalized scent will develop as it mixes with your skin’s natural oils. Avoid spraying on clothes. To maximize performance, apply to dry skin after showering while pores are clean and open. Eau de Parfum by Beardbrand will last 6–8 hours.

Beardbrand Scented Candle
Place your candle on a flat, candle safe surface. Trim the candle wick to 1/4". Light candle and burn for desired length of time. Discontinue use once the wax reaches 1/3"from the base.


Eau de Parfum
1.7 fl oz / 50 ml

Beardbrand Scented Candle
1 hand-poured 4oz Candle


Old Money

Breathe deep - that's the smell of Old Money. With notes of aged oak, black pepper, and amber, this is a rich and complex scent that evolves as it's worn throughout the day, and is our most potent scent blend. It's a fragrance that is at home surrounded by rich mahogany, your favorite worn leather chair, a glass of whiskey, and a cigar.

Temple Smoke

Temple Smoke is a mystical blend inspired by the rich fragrance of oud incense. It has deep and warm layers with an earthy, smoky undertone. The complementary notes of frankincense and myrrh create a rich, and long-lasting blend. This sweet and smoky scent profile evokes the feeling of a temple retreat.

Four Vices

Indulge in your favorite Four Vices—coffee, tobacco, cannabis, and hops. The earthy notes of coffee and tobacco pair perfectly with the bitter, floral notes of cannabis and hops. This rich and rugged blend is so good it’s almost sinful.


Four Vices Eau de Parfum

Old Money Eau de Parfum

Temple Smoke Eau de Parfum

Beardbrand Scented Candle


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On the fence about which fragrance to get? Try our Fragrance Sets.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews
ॐ नमः शिवाय I bow to your consciousness!

Om Namah Shivaya! I really dislike designer colognes but this stuff is way different. I always burn offerings in my incenser before my Astanga Yoga Practice; bathing in the smoke and fire before meditation, chanting and then primary series. I never dreamed I could get out of the shower later and take the divine scent of the Sang Puja with me all day. The eau de parfum is not overpowering and I liked it so much I bought the rest of the products. This just took my smell game to the next level, thanks Beardbrand!

Three's Company

Couldn't decide which one to buy so I purchased the 3-pack to try them all. Temple Smoke and Old Money are my two favorites for their rich & complex undertones. Four Vices I find is uniquely distinct in its scent when compared to the other two but not bad at all and plan to wear from time to time. If I had to pick one out of the three it would be Temple Smoke with Old Money as a tie or close second and Four Vices in third.

Temple Smoke Eau De Parfum

Some may say, "the scent is weak" or "has little scent projection". I think it projects fine. I feel your cologne should be "discovered", not "announced". I have complete control of how much I want to apply. Paired along with their UtilityBalm, I feel and smell incredible. Another great product!

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