Gold Line Fragrance Sample Set

Set of 3 Gold Line fragrances (1.38 ml in each vial)


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  • Natural ingredients
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 Fragrance Oil Sample Set

We know it takes some real super powers to smell a scent blend through your computer screen, so, after an incredible amount of customer feedback, we've put together a Gold Line & Silver Line fragrance sample set. Now you don't have to work any serious magic to decide on what you want. We know you'll love the Gold Line; the hardest part is probably deciding on which scent blend to start with when you're ready to invest in the full sizes. Luckily, if you're in love with them all, we've got full collections to get you through! We've also got a dual set option to purchase both the Silver & Gold Line Fragrance Sample Sets here.

Who knew that sin could smell so good? We meticulously blended together the four unique scents of tobacco, coffee, hops, and hemp cannabis to create the perfect blend that's the rich and rugged scent of Four Vices. The earthy notes of coffee and tobacco pair perfectly with the bitter, floral notes of the hemp cannabis and hops.

Temple smoke is a mystical blend inspired by the rich fragrance of oud incense. It has deep and warm layers with an earthy, smoky undertone. The complementary notes of frankincense and myrrh create a rich, and long lasting blend. This sweet and smoky scent profile evokes the feeling of a temple retreat.

Breathe deep - that's the smell of Old Money. With notes of aged oak, black pepper, and amber, this is a rich and complex scent that evolves as it's worn throughout the day, and is our most potent scent blend. It's a fragrance that is at home surrounded by rich mahogany, your favorite worn leather chair, a glass of whiskey, and a cigar.

When you order a Fragrance Sample Set, you get a $5 credit* towards any future purchase on our website. After you purchase this set, you'll get a follow up email that will include your credit. This will ease any worries and makes your purchase essentially risk-free. Not only that: all orders through Beardbrand are backed up by our 100% guarantee and our pretty savvy customer service team. Don't hesitate, dive in and try the Gold Line — you won't regret the rich smells of luxury.

*$5 credit towards a future purchase is limited to one credit per fragrance line (Gold or Silver) purchased; can not be multiplied across the same fragrance line. Maximum of $10 credit per customer. Each credit code will stay active for 30 days from the purchase date - after that the code will expire.


Customer Reviews

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As expected

Recently got the sample set for gold line. Liked the fact that they give you a $5 coupon towards your next purchase. Not a fan of the four vices scent, but old money and temple smoke were awesome. Ended up buying utility balm, then a kit! I like that y’all throw in some other samples with a purchase.

Gold line

Awesome product . They all have a distinct great scents, hard to decide which one is the best. Four Vices, Temple Smoke then Old Money for my current palate taste.

Gold sample

I absolutely loved the scents but didn’t love the price of the full bottle. Hopefully santa will bring me some Old Money or Templesmoke.

Gold line

Loved all three



Hey Patrick Thanks for letting us know what you thought of the Gold Line Fragrance Sample Set. We created these as a way for people to test out our fragrances and find their favorites before making the jump into our products. We understand that they won't be for everyone. We hope that you'll give us another look in the future.