Not all Sea Salt Sprays are created equal. Many cheap products are simply watered-down versions of gel that can leave hair sticky. Higher-end products do a great job of mimicking the seawater but many have forgotten one of the most important parts of the ocean—the beach. That’s why our spray has been paired with kaolinite clay to give it that true grit and texture you'd expect from spending the day at the beach.


Beardbrand Sea Salt Spray gives you versatility with your hair, so you can get multiple styles out of your haircut. Use it fresh out of the shower while your hair is still wet to build volume and reduce frizz while blow-drying. Apply to dry hair that has fallen flat and needs a boost. Or, apply liberally to the outside of the hair like hairspray to add more hold to your look. Because it’s free of sulfates, parabens, and silicones, it won’t build up and is easy to rinse out, making it safe for daily use.

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Customer Reviews

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Awesome product

This salt spray gives my fine hair a ton of volume with great hold for a really natural look. I've used it with a diffuser for a great natural look with body and it works great on my short, fine, thinning hair. I have also used it with a a nozzle and gained a lot of volume and texture. I really like this product and it blends well with my other gold line products. It's really good in my beard too. A fine mist, boar bristle brush and medium heat blow dryer with diffuser gives me a really good hold on my beard for a completely natural look and feel that last all day. I won't speak to cost because that's all relative to your own experience and disposable income. I find the product worth every penny. I'm fortunate that I am able to go with quality over quantity and there is definitely a difference between premium products and low quality products. Keep in mind my hair is short, thin, and fine so it only takes about 1 and 1/2 pumps to saturate my damp hair so I feel like the spray will last a while bringing my cost per use way down.


Overpriced gimmick

Sea Salt Spray

Great product I really like the hold and volume this product provides along with a great sent.

Excellent product!

Started using the sea salt in my daily routine and very glad I did. Excellent hold throughout the day. I find having different scents is a plus to match the mood I’m in. Would recommend this product to all.

More Gold

Got the full Gold line. This is a great product, smells fab, works as advertised & like the results.