Silver Line Utility Balm Collection

3.4 oz / 100 ml each


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  • Natural ingredients

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Keep it healthy from the beard to the body. Made from all-natural ingredients and naturally derived fragrances, our Silver Line Utility Balm is a deeply hydrating balm that is perfect for keeping your beard, hair, and skin moisturized.

This all-in-one Utility Balm features base ingredients like mango butter, lanolin, and jojoba oil, as well as shea butter (which is rich in vitamins and renowned for its anti-aging properties), and cocoa butter (which contains a number of antioxidants and is known to improve skin health and elasticity).

Tree Ranger is a potent eucalyptus blend that will have you smelling like you just hiked through a Pacific Northwest forest. In fact, people may be wondering why your face was hugging a tree. You shouldn't leave for your next camping trip, or anywhere for that matter, without this blend in your bag.

Spiced Citrus is a scent with universal appeal that's warm and complex. The unique blend of clove, vanilla, and spice work in harmony to build the perfect aroma. Think of the warm and comforting fragrance of the holidays at home, all year round.

Tea Tree is a crisp, fresh blend that inspires adventures. Imagine taking a step outside into the brisk morning air in the mountains. With notes of vanilla and peppermint, it's the perfect refreshing scent to wear anytime.

A little goes a long way, so always start with a smaller amount than you think you'll need and build from there. Use this to keep hair healthy and soft, to alleviate dry skin on hands, and even to keep tattoos moisturized and vibrant - any way you choose to use it, you'll be giving your beard and body the absolute best.

*Our balm is made of natural ingredients that will melt at high temperatures, and may arrive slightly grainy due to temperature changes in shipping. Variations in texture are normal for the ingredients in this all natural product — just warm it in your hands before you apply for a smooth finish.


Customer Reviews

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I’m a fan of the

I’m a fan of the balm get the condition with a little hold with my beard a little longer. The smells are my favorite part and what makes me use beardbrand over other balms. Also a fan of the consistency some balms I have had in the past are a little to sticky for my taste.

Top Notch

Best product on the market hands down.

My new go-to do all product

This entire line is great. The scents are incredible and I get compliments all day on how soft my beard is. Keep up the great work guys

Great value

Tea tree is by far the best. Tree ranger is a good change. Spiced citrus not so much.

Excellent product. I've now purchased

Excellent product. I've now purchased the Silver Line on 3/4 separate occasions and never once been disappointed.

Keep up the good work Beardbrand.