The natural ingredients in this innovative bar make it work well with your body chemistry while giving you the high performance and fragrance you expect from us. It's free from sulfates, parabens, silicones, animal products, AND we aren't using palm oil for the base.

It's gentle enough for everyday use, hydrating for both skin and hair, and makes the perfect fragrance base layer to build on top of. Pair it with any of our other products, like Beard Oil or Utility Balm, to smell awesome all day long.


If you ever need to pack light for a trip, then this product is a requirement. Like all of our products, it’s TSA friendly and won’t get you flagged by security. And if said trip leaves you marooned on a deserted island—you’ll be glad you packed a Utility Bar.


Come on, man, minimalize your shower. One bar, FIVE different functions. Our Utility Bar is engineered to work as a body wash, shave soap, face cleanser, beard wash, and hair shampoo. This bar pulls its weight. Think it can’t hold it’s own as a shampoo? We guarantee it will out-perform any cheap, silicone-filled shampoo you can pick-up from your local grocer.

This puck-shaped bad boy is easy to hold, so you’ll only drop it when you’re ready to step out of the shower and face-off with the day. The glide lather coasts over your skin like a cross-ice pass from Gretzky. And when used as a shaving soap, the low-foam lets you see your edges as you trim your beard lines, allowing for maximum precision.

If you ever need to pack light for a trip, then this product is a requirement. Like all of our products, it’s TSA friendly and won’t get you flagged by security. And if said trip leaves you marooned on a deserted island—you’ll be glad you packed a Utility Bar.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Soap is great. Would be better if a container was included to keep it dry in the shower between uses


Smells great leaving my skin clean and moisturized. Price is Right for how long this bar lasts. Can't beat it.

Great soap, falls short on scent

I love using the Utility Bar for my body, face, and hair. The lather is really great and I finally have a soap that doesn't leave my skin feeling dried out. My only complaints are price and scent. I use the Old Money beard oil and I absolutely love the scent. The Old Money utility bar does smell similar to the oil, but it's much much lighter and I'd prefer to have more of that wonderful scent. These bars are fairly expensive and based on my routine I've been going through them in about a month. That may slow down as we get into cooler weather but it's a lot to spend every month. Overall great product which I'd gladly give 5 stars to if the scent was stronger and the price slightly better.

I like this soap.

These soaps smell fantastic. I use three bars a month. My soap cost went from $20to $60 per month. Not really that concerned. It probably saves me on shampoo as well. Again, not meaningful to me. it’s the little details in life that make it great. Live it up and buy the nice smelling soap. I like all these gold line fragrances.

Good functionality and versatility but little fragrance.

Everything was very good with the functionality of the gold line collection Utility Bars in terms of 5 in 1 usage (hair, face, beard, body, shave). No complaints at all in that respect. My issues are rooted with strength of each fragrance in the Utility Bar. At $20 per Utility Bar, I do not feel like there is enough of a gold line fragrance 'experience' to justify the premium. Even though the beard oils are supposed to be the most potent representation of Beardbrand's fragrances, Utility Bar still advertises to hold some attributes of sillage. Out of the box and unwrapped, it was very difficult to distinguish the gold line scents in each gold line Utility Bar. I figured those gold line fragrances would release once Utility Bar was wet and worked up into a lather but that was not my experience during my usage of the products.

Here are my thoughts on each Gold line Utility Bar:

Temple Smoke: The Temple Smoke fragrance just was not detectable or very distinguishable from the bar both out of the package and once wet and worked into lather. All I could gather is just the natural scent of the soap's base natural ingredients and no real recognizable hint of Temple Smoke.

Old Money: The fragrance experience with Old Money Utility Bar was a little bit better than the Temple Smoke Utility Bar. I could pick up the familiar oak, pepper, and amber notes of the Old Money fragrance over the base soap scent but it was still very faint. This is supposed to be their most potent scent blend and relatively speaking, it was the most detectable scent out of the collection.

Four Vices: I found Four Vices be the faintest of the three. I could not detect any of the rich Coffee, Hops, Tobacco, and Cannabis at all over the base soap ingredients once again. Disappointing because I really enjoy Four Vices beard oil and balms.

It would be nice if those Gold Line fragrances in the Utility Bar can stand out more! I know that is probably a challenging thing to do since their fragrances a...

Hey Charlie Thanks so much for your honest feedback on the Gold Line Utility Bars. I'm so happy to hear that our CX team member, Lara, was able to get you taken care of. We truly care about all of our customers, so if you ever have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to reach out to our Support team again. We're always happy to get you taken care of.