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Great product unique scent. Wish it was available for the Beard oil as well.

Really nice unique scent scent! Wish it was also available for the Beard oil.

Beard Comb

Love these little combs for my Beard. Easy carry and stow away in car, work desk, etc

Only Beard oil that touches my skin N beard. Best scent ever. A+

Utility Beard Wash
Hamdan (Abu Dhabi, AE)
Best smell ever

This the best all in one product ever and the smell is crazy i will buy bundle next month

Sea Salt Spray

This stuff just works!! Smells great and really adds texture + volume to your hair. Definitely will be buying more.

Utility Beard Oil
Chris Tiede (Atlanta, US)

Utility Beard Oil

Mustache Wax
Mark Dwyer (Olney, US)
Mustache Wax (Tin)

Excellent product, but tin conatiner that holds wax isn't very good, the top becomes mis-shapped and it doesn't open, close or stay closed properly.

Beard Comb
D.M. (McAllen, US)
What's the size on the pocket comb

What's the size on the pocket comb

Utility Balm
M.H. (Indianapolis, US)

The smell is sensational (Old Fortune), goes on the beard effortlessly. Product makes my beard look better and more manageable, fast shipping. Will definitely purchase more, when needed.

Love the oil and the scent. So does my girlfriend. I had been a very loyal user of another oil and their beard products but I am glad I gave Beardbrand a shot. I will reorder.

Utility Beard Oil
Jonathan (Los Angeles, US)
smells like success

I love this stuff. Over the years, I've tried a ton of other beard oils, but I keep coming back to this one. I'm not one to wear cologne, but I do receive a lot of compliments when I use this beard oil.

Utility Beard Oil
Gary W (Spokane, US)
Utility Oil

Like the smell of old money, I have a peppered beard. Utility Oil really softens up those white hairs, and feels good on skin underneath.

Love the aroma sn how it makes my beard feel.

Love it! I knew everything was going to be different from the consistency of the Butter, but the Oil is nice as well. Great holding power, smells great and reasonably priced. I will be ordering again.

I love this stuff. Smells very good and makes your skin look very healthy and feeling good!

Love the product! Just wish it could be sent to the UK

Amazing smell and amazingly good for the beard! Love this oil!

Great way to try out the different fragrances

Great product! Smells great, a little lathers a lot, just an overall great product!

Good stuff

Good stuff

Fragrance Samples
John (Wilmington, US)
Where to start..?

Old money smells like an open can of redbull, tree ranger smells like straight tea tree oil, and temple smoke (which i like the best actually) is like a slightly smokey patchouli oil. I think if you guys work at really nailing a truly masculine scent, youd be industry juggernauts. Having said that, your quality seems to be head and shoulders above the rest. I don’t know what priest you got blessing this stuff before you bottle it, but even my hands are softer from rubbing into my beard, it’s truly awesome. I have tried a few others, who have better scents, but i won’t get their stuff as long as you guys keep pumping out the quality that you do. Its so hard to find products with this much passion behind them, which is why i want to support you guys from here on out. Thanks for what you do bearbrand. (The five star rating is a reflection of quality)

Smells great

Always impressed with your merch. Smells great, great hold, the salt spray leaves a nice shine, and the utility wash foams up quite nicely, leaving you to only needing to use a small amount of product.

Did I mention that it smells great? And it seems to last for hours.

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