10 Mistakes That Might Be Destroying Your Beard

Parker Mallouf

Carlos is here to tell us the 10 most common ways to destroy your beard.

#1. Washing with regular shampoo, conditioner, and soap

This is probably the single most common mistake around. Normal shampoos and conditioners designed for the hair on your head have more intense detergents than beard washes and softener. Continued use of these cleansers can lead to excessive drying of your beard. This ultimately makes your beard brittle and uncomfortable.  

#2. Not using enough beard oil
There's no such thing as using too much beard oil. Our oils are designed to be an excellent moisturizer for your beard and skin. Use it like you stole it. 

#3. Blow drying your hair incorrectly
The blow dryer is an excellent, under-utilized styling tool. However, if you use it incorrectly it can cause more harm than good.

#4. Using a hair straightener
Imagine using high heat with the blow dryer. Now multiply that 10X. This is why using a straightener on your beard is a heavily debated topic

#5. Picking at your beard
We all do it. In fact we touch our beards an average of 7,000 times per day. Try to break any nervous habits that involve twisting or picking at your beard.

#6. Never trimming your beard
Your beard hair is at it's healthiest in the earliest stages of growth. It's downhill from there. Trimming your beard regularly maintains a healthy growth pattern and keeps those stubborn split ends tamed and controlled.

#7. Using the wrong tools
We get what we pay for. Using cheap, over the counter grooming tools can and will cause long term damage to your beard. Invest in the important things in life like your beard, and you'll see results immediately.

#8. Shaving or trimming too much off the neckline
Please, PLEASE don't try to outline your jaw line with your beard. It doesn't look good. Let your beard grow down to about two fingers above your adams apple. This will give your beard a thicker appearance, and you won't look like such a newb to the bearded world.

#9. Not combing it enough
Get yourself a beard comb and use that sucker. Keeping your beard combed and untangled will keep it healthy looking, and soft to the touch.

#10. Not washing enough or washing too much
The amount of washing you do totally depends on the lifestyle you live. If possible, keep the washing down to a minimum, but don't stop completely. Use beard softener regularly to keep you beard soft and squeaky clean.


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  • Hi, I’m Nick, and completely disagree with Jerry. You do you, Beardbrand. Beards and fashion are for everyone, and you have all sorts of people advertising your products, young and old.

    Nick on

  • I’m really sorry, but BeardBrand constantly shoving down my throat that “hip” guys with beards have tatoos everywhere turns me off. I’ve had a beard since 1971 and have never in my life run into another bearded guy with so many tatoos – maybe one here or there every now and then, but that was it. You gotta remember that most guys with gray beards have been here for a long time. I suspect you don’t give a d**m about we old guys who will probably keel over long before you – and therefore aren’t trying to suck us in – but a little looking around will tell you that most young folks aren’t interested in all these tatoos, either. You have great products, but I see this sort of advertising on your part hurting your business. To succeed over the long-term, you gotta advertise to the mainstream. I’m not sure where that is, but it certainly isn’t where you are now.

    Jerry on

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