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Keep on Growing

10 years ago, I was a complete shell of the man I am today. I was completely lost in my style, my grooming routine, and an unfulfilling career. I took a risk and started to grow my beard at a time when beards weren't considered professional. But it was through that journey into grooming that I discovered my own confidence. This led me to invest in myself, my family, and my career, and ultimately become a man that I’m proud of—a man who loves to explore new styles and try different looks. I’m very proud of the person I’ve become, and grooming was the catalyst ten years ago.

Beardbrand was founded to help you be the person that you want to be—beard or no beard.

Eric Bandholz


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Product Ethos

We’re meticulous about our products and the ingredients we use. We formulate all Beardbrand products with the following foundational beliefs:

  1. We believe products should work with your body’s natural chemistry, not alter it.
  2. We believe in quality and function over fashion and fads.
  3. We believe product versatility simplifies routines and creates better grooming habits.

Materials Matter

Kiss Your Glass Goodbye

Because we’re all in on aluminum.

After a decade of being the most trusted name in beard care, we’re bringing Beardbrand into the future. We're now gradually reintroducing Beardbrand products in all-new aluminum packaging.

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Battle scars proudly shown

Bring on the Dents

Growth doesn’t come easily. There are setbacks, defeats, and valuable lessons along the way. Every bump, bruise, scar, broken bone, and broken heart tells a story and should be worn with pride. That same philosophy applies to Beardbrand packaging. Your aluminum bottles and jars will dent and get dinged up along the way. We see it as a reminder to not hide from our scars and imperfections—but to embrace them.

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Second Life

Can It

Whether it’s Utility Oil, Utility Balm, or the Utility Bar, Beardbrand products are formulated to be incredibly versatile.

But it doesn’t stop with the products.

We wanted our versatile products to be packaged in versatile containers that can be used in different ways long after you’ve scraped out the last bit of balm or worked that final drop of Utility Oil into your beard.

Once empty, the aluminum Utility Balm canister perfectly fits one Beardbrand Utility Bar, making it a natural travel case for our versatile soap pucks. We also love using the empty Utility Balm canisters around the house and in the garage to keep things like nails, screws, batteries, etc., organized.

Empty Utility Bar canisters are great to have around when camping. Anything you need to keep dry — money, matches, coffee, dog food, etc. — can be stashed inside. And like the Utility Balm canister, you can also use this to keep your garage organized.

Once all the wax has been scraped out, the Mustache Wax tray can store things like aspirin and ibuprofen when traveling. This takes up significantly less space than a typical medicine bottle. And you’ll probably never look cooler popping an Advil than you will when you do it from a sleek slide-open tray.

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If a product or fragrance doesn’t work for you, we’ll get you one that does.


Non-endocrine disrupting products that work with your body’s natural chemistry.