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 Alliance membership

Alliance is a private online community for individuals that seek to grow on a daily basis by investing in themselves and others. Come unify with like-minded individuals from around the world who desire to Keep On Growing. The Alliance isn’t just about grooming - members of our community are dedicated to discussing everything about men’s grooming, style, lifestyle, and the journey of life.

In addition to developing meaningful relationships in a private space, members will have the opportunity to earn “Alliance Coin” for each month of membership. Alliance Coin is a credit point system that gives you the ability to purchase your favorite products from the Beardbrand store. Use your Coins each month, or save them for that special product you’ve been waiting to get your hands on. You can also earn badges throughout your Alliance journey by completing tasks and challenges. Badges help the community stay accountable and engaged. You can find more information on all the extra perks you’ll receive for being a member of the Alliance in the details tab.


Customer Reviews

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Alliance @ Beardbrand

I’m so stoked to see the Alliance going live, I’ve been a member since beta testing, and this community of liked minded guys & gals has been just amazing. The opportunity to be a part of a forum were you can reach out for advice, help or just to chat it up is well worth the $30 a month. This group of ppl are all here for the same reason to grow as a man, be it your style, beard & hair care or just life in general. When I first came to the forum I knew right away this was a place bigger then just grooming tips, it has a family like feel to it we’re I’ve been able to share my story’s and get honest feed back. Also the Alliance as a community keeps everyone engaged with each other with challenges, earning badges and helping to develope friendships with guys from around the world. There a little extras on products like discounts, and product testing. You become part of the BeardBrand family, and in the year that I’ve been apart of this is a whole I’m growing into the man I’ve always wanted to be. For that I can’t thank the entire community enough. And now with Alliance going live this community (family) gets to become so much bigger, and that I reall can’t wait for.

ALLIANCE @ Beardbrand

The Alliance community @ Beardbrand is a excellent forum for men to express ideas, share insights, and relate to others in a likeminded environment. The experience for me to date has offered a fresh perspective on the opportunity to interact with guys from all walks. Sure, the commonality of beards brought us here in the first place, but it’s the support, encouragement, and sense of belonging to something meaningful that keeps members coming back. Beardbrand, is an industry leading company that is consistently offering high quality products to an otherwise confusing marketplace. The fact that Alliance Membership comes with a monthly 1:1 Credit for Product ratio, just makes the reason to participate all that much more interesting.

Beardbrand Alliance

I am proud to say that I have been a member of the Alliance for approximately four months now. In that time, I have encountered an enormous amount of support from the Alliance community as well as Beardbrand. The people I have become friends with and come to trust their judgment and advice, would not have crossed my path otherwise. I know of few other resources, tools, self help, or communities that are as positive and empowering and maybe more importantly, share like minded interests as a whole. Give it a try, you are worth taking the gamble on!

Beardbrand Alliance experience.

I have been lucky enough to have been part of the Alliance in its Beta phase to present. Being somewhat of an extroverted-Introvert previous online communities have been a daunting prospect. What I have found with the Alliance is a great supportive place that allows people to connect over a common interest of beard growth but also foster friendships and challenge growth within ones self.
This is not just a bunch of dudes showing off beards or another hyper masculine environment it is one in which friendships can be forged and trusted company is kept to allow all involved to evolve and help nurture others.
An incredible community I am grateful to be part of within a company I genuinely respect.