How To Use Beard Wash & Softeners | Eric Bandholz

—Eric Bandholz

Beard Wash  and Beard Softener are products that are designed specifically for your beard and the skin underneath. A traditional commercial hair shampoo or conditioner are designed for your scalp and head of hair, which contains more sebaceous glands and thicker skin than anywhere else on the body.

Our premium Beard Wash will have generate a gentler lather than you might expect, but it's a result of being gentler for your skin and facial hair. To use Beard Wash, just apply a small amount (a quarter's worth or so) to your beard in the shower, then work into a gentle lather. Rinse your beard clean and bask in your preferred fragrance! Then, follow up with your matching Beard Softener. 

Beard Softener is essentially a hair conditioner, but for your beard. We recommend applying it after using a matching Beard Wash. This product will help make your beard softer, shinier, and easier to comb and manage. Apply the softener to your beard thoroughly, working it through your facial hair down to the skin. Let it sit in your beard for a few minutes before rinsing (some of our influencers and best customers recommend leaving some in from the shower to maintain softness through the day). Beard Softener can also be used as a leave-in conditioner when used sparingly!

Our Beard Wash and Beard Softener are silicone, paraben, and sulfate free. Silicones can be harmful to your beard when used regularly over time. Many silicones aren't water soluble and generate residue or build-up. This will leave your beard looking dull and feeling unpleasant. It also requires you to use harsh shampoos to remove the silicones, so you start a vicious cycle of over washing and over conditioning. The more you know!

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