5 Spring Fashion Tips

Spring is finally here. The long, dark winter is over and the earth is coming to life again. The sun is shining, the flowers are in bloom and the sky has transformed from a dull gray to the deepest blue. But as great as it is, spring can be a confusing period. Stuck in adolescence between winter and summer, the earth seems to be going through its own version of puberty. One minute the sun is shining clearly, the next, thunder and lighting roll and flash across the sky hailed by ominous storm clouds. What to wear during spring can be as confusing as the weather. Is it warm enough for shorts? What if it rains on my leather boat shoes? Here are a few simple tips to help you out.

1. Rely on Layers

This is really a common sense thing. Just because winter is over doesn’t mean the warm weather will last all day. Those chilly mornings may break into sunshine in the afternoon; or if a storm sweeps in, the temperature can drop suddenly and drastically. The secret here is to dress in layers. Instead of donning a heavy sweater to ward of that chilly morning, try a short sleeve shirt with a cardigan or light jacket.

I would also recommend investing in a small backpack or bag to carry your layers and other supplies in when not in use. For those on a budget, I recommend Rothco. This company makes incredibly sturdy canvas and leather bags that will last for years. I recommend the Rothco Wayfarer or Weekender bags.

2. Lighten Up

The higher temperature combined with those springtime showers can create some nasty humidity, and sweat isn’t stylish. In order to step into spring style while avoiding pit stains, try picking lighter materials like linen and cotton. Lighter fabrics will not only feel cooler in the warmer weather but will also give you that dashing springtime look. Buck Mason has an extensive selection of heritage style shirts that will fit the bill and will last for years.

3. Switch Your Scent

Now that spring is in the air, your spicy, heavy cologne that was so amazing in winter simply won’t cut it. The simple fact is that you sweat more in warmer weather. If you start to sweat off your heavy cologne, the scent will be so overpowering you’ll leave those around you wrinkling their noses. For the men who still spritz, it’s best to switch your cologne with the weather. Choose a cologne that not only accentuates your style and personality but also one that fits the season. Try light scents like citrus or more natural smells like a light musk or pine. My favorite pomade company, O’Douds All Natural, has just released two new colognes: Heritage and Tobacco Rum. Made with all-natural ingredients, both of these colognes will have you feeling like a classic gentleman and won’t be overpowering.

➤ UPDATE: Beardbrand now has their very own Eau de Parfum that's made from naturally derived, phthalate-free ingredients, and is delicate enough to be paired with other products, yet aromatic enough to leave a lasting impression on those who matter most.

4. Brighten Up Your Wardrobe

If you’re anything like me, the monotonous gray of winter can darken your spirits. As soon as the first sign of spring appears, I just want to celebrate. And what better way than to broaden and brighten your color palette? Nothing exemplifies spring quite like yellows, greens, blues and oranges, all those bright floral colors (in sleek manly patterns of course). In your search to incorporate more color in your wardrobe, look no farther than Brooks Brothers clothing. They just released their springtime line and it gives a man about town a lot of color conscious options when it comes to spring attire.

5. Suede Up Your Shoes

But spring means rain, and rain ruins suede right? Wrong. With minimal care, your finely crafted suede shoes can be outfitted and protected to resist spring showers. Suede shoes are a fantastic way to bring some class to your spring attire. Their softness means they’re leaner and not as clunky as their full-grained leather brothers. When decked out in a loafer, derby shoe, or boater, you can rock shorts or jeans in style. I'm a huge fan of Clarks Originals. I am very excited to announce that this spring season, Clarks is pairing with Herschel to create a blue suede desert boot so stylish, it’ll have you strutting down the street singing Elvis Presley in moments!

Now that you’re lighter, brighter, and swathed in suede, you can step out into the sunny spring with confidence. Break out the grill and have a neighborhood cookout in style! Your neighbors and friends will be impressed with your firm grasp of spring spirit, and you’ll feel better to be fully in touch with the warmer weather.


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