7 Ways You've Probably Killed Your Beard Before

—Josh Lawson

Eric is back again to talk about the top seven things that will kill your beard. After five years of Beardbrand, he's heard almost every way someone has lost their beard. We're gonna go over the most frequent ones we've seen come across the desk of Beardbrand, from least to most common.

7. Smoking

Smoking kills your health and your beard. There have been a few instances of burns in people's beards and mustaches.

6. Drinking

Booze can be detrimental to your health. Your beard won't catch fire if you drink too much. When your drunk you don't think straight and do things to regret to your beard.

5. Depression

Once your mind gets into the gutter, things can be a little rough in the physical world. Shaving your beard seems like it's like shedding a new leaf to break out of that depression. And some guys use their depression as a reason to grow out their beard and beat their depression. So it has merit in both scenarios.

4. Peer Pressure

Your loved ones, or even your boss, and pressure you into shaving your beard. It's a very real threat that can lead to food not being on the table. Sometimes saying "f*** you" to your boss isn't worth it. And sometimes saying it to your significant other isn't worth it. There are ways to convince them that your beard isn't so bad. Just let them know how well you maintain and groom it.

3. Barbers

Not every Barber is up to snuff on trimming techniques. Most can rock your head hair, but not all of them can get your beard on point. Sometimes it's your fault though. Communicating what you want can be hard sometimes, and you leave feeling like you didn't go in for the trim. Then you just cut it off when you get home. Luckily we offer a lot of content that can help other barbers learn new ways of cutting beards.

2. Beard Trimmers

They are a great tool and can help you get the exact look and feel of what you're going for, but it's easy to make a mistake when you trim at home. Then you just have it off cause you don't know how to fix it. Next time, double check the guard.

1. Ignorance

A lot of guys think they'll have a huge beard like Eric's in a matter of days, not realizing his took five months to grow. Then freak out at the first sign of curls or waves. Or shave it off at the first sign of itchiness.

You just gotta educate yourself on the ways to take care of the different types of beards.

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