Beard 101: Intro to Beard Terminology

—Urban Beardsman

With No Shave November on the mind, we here at Beardbrand figured it was time to dive into the deep world of bearded jargon and have Beardbrand founder Eric Bandholz explain some of the vocabulary you might overhear over the course of this month.

As you’ll find in this video, just like all subcultures, the life of a beardsman includes a slew of terms commonly used to express certain concepts only familiar amongst the hairiest of fellas. For instance, how does a man describe the amount of time he’s been growing his beard without specifying a singular date? We’re so glad you asked.

A Beard is Not Just a Beard

For those of you who have moved on beyond the shorter, more commonplace beards you might see amongst any group of gents these days, there are certain qualifiers that can be used to describe the great lengths that someone has gone too, via the amount of time since being formerly non-bearded, to grow their beard.

For example, the yeard is a beard that has gone untrimmed or fussed with for an entire year. Similarly, a tweard is one that has run wild for twice that amount of time. Additionally, although this term doesn’t designate a specific amount of time, the terminal beard is the granddaddy of them all, signifying a man mane that has hit its critical mass and seemingly stopped growing because of split ends forming or hair simply falling out.

Other Beard Terms

On top of terminology used to define beard length, Eric explains the difference between the two types of hair that make up your beard: vellus (the lighter, more youthful hair) and terminal (the darker, rougher hair).

For any other questions regarding beard terminology, you can contact the man himself at @Bandholz

Mo’ on, keep bearding, and enjoy.


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