Bearded Villains of the Silver Screen

Rarely, if ever, do we come across bearded bad guys in the real world. Unfortunately, cinema seems to enjoy twisting the truth and loading our screens with the baddest of the bearded. Or should we say the bearded baddest? No, no, I definitely prefer the former of the two. Without any further interruption, I present the baddest, bearded villains in recent movie history.

Hans Gruber as played by Alan Rickman in Die Hard

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Aside from being equal parts affable and nefarious, Gruber may have been the first “chin-strap” beard I remember seeing.

President Snow as played by Donald Sutherland in The Hunger Games trilogy

Hello miss Everdeen.... 🌹 #onepanem

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Look, your amazing beard reminds me of snow on a Christmas tree, but please leave Jennifer Lawrence alone.

Michael Myers as played by Tyler Mane in Halloween 2 (Rob Zombie version)

Michael vs Michael !? @Tyler_Mane @Hangmanshaunt #Halloween #CompoundFracture Tour

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Zombie’s version of the legendary “shape” was not only one of the most physically intimidating slashers, but he also looked like he belonged on tour with Chris Stapleton.

Calvin Candie as played by Leonardo DiCaprio in Django Unchained

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Few cinematic fiends have angered me as much as this one. Even his beard pissed me off.

Clubber Lang as played by Mr. T in Rocky III

I pity the fool that mocked this fierce, facial foliage. Also, as a kid, I really wanted to see Clubber vs Drago.

Obadiah Stone as played by Jeff Bridges in Ironman

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His beard is great in everything, but why would anyone turn their back on Tony Stark?

Non as played by Jack O’Halloran in Superman 2

He also had a fantastic mustache in the Dragnet movie.

Count Dooku as played by Christopher Lee in Star Wars Episodes 2 and 3

He cut off Anakin Skywalker’s arm at the elbow. Ouch. Of course, many moviegoers wanted to cut Hayden Christensen as well.

Saruman as played by Christopher Lee in The Lord of the Rings trilogy and two of The Hobbit movies

The legendary Lee makes it on here twice, so I guess that awards him the title of
“Most Evil Beard Grower”.

Otis as played by Bill Moseley in The Devil’s Rejects

'I am the devil and I am here to do the devils work' Otis B Driftwood, The Devils Rejects #devilsrejects #billmoseley #robzombie #film

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How bad was he? I am just going to say that it took me a long time to find a picture of this character where he was not covered in blood.

Boris the Animal as played by Jermaine Clement in Men in Black 3

There are evil, intelligent and wonderfully bearded lifeforms out there.

MacReady as played by Kurt Russell in The Thing

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I added this awesome 80’s beard, despite the ambiguous ending. Either way, MacReady’s beard was A Thing of beauty. Ha. See what I did there?


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