Bubble Beards

The world is getting to be a really confusing place. Guys are throwing glitter all over their faces and taking selfies, the Kylie Jenner Challenge had idiots worldwide sticking their mouths into vacuum-tight bottles until their lips looked like overfed garden slugs, and now dudes are making bubble beards like a bunch of toddlers in the tub.

Details recently reported on a new project by conceptual photographer Mindo Cikanavicius. Entitled “Bellissimo”, it is a series of portraits of “heroically posed men sporting foam beards and mustaches” Cikanavicius “gently pokes fun at our facial hair fascination while also presenting masculinity as an ephemeral concept that can popped like a soap sud.”

I just rolled my eyes so hard I saw my own brain stem.

Cikanavicius goes on to say, “I do like beards, I used to have one many years ago before it was considered cool.”

In other news, Mindo Cikanavicius utters the most hipster sentence imaginable as he claims to have had a beard “before it was cool.”

He goes on to say “I chose bubbles because they’re temporary, like a trend, they pop when they reach their end. Also, bubbles are fragile, like us men can be fragile—whether we’re bearded or not.”

The only thing that’s fragile is my patience for stuff like this, Cikanavicius. But I was impatient about beard trends before it was cool.


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