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Cash Lopez

Who I Am

My name’s Alejandro Lopez, and I also go by Cash Lopez on Instagram. I’m a 26 year old Mexican-American. My parents are both from Mexico, but I was born in Los Angeles.

What I Do

In addition to being a self-made beardsman, I’m also a print and lifestyle model. I’m currently working on my acting skills, with hopes to make it into the film industry in the near future.

Where I Live

I live in Los Angeles, CA. The City of Angels.

Why I Beard

I like to think of my beard as just another chapter of my life. I was originally inspired after seeing Chris John Millington’s beard, and after I let it grow I just enjoyed the look and feel. Not to mention, my beard makes me feel like a BOSS.

Connect with Cash on Instagram: @CASH_LOPEZ
Photograph by: Drew Valenti


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