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Classic Side Part Haircut with a Beard Trim

Today we have Keith coming in the Cut & Grind Barbershop and Davide Spreafico to get his hair and beard trimmed up. Keith is a regular of Davide and is a photographer. Both Keith and Davide have a good relationship and Keith is ok with Davide choosing how short to go with the sides and they'll keep the side part hairstyle.

Davide is going with a 1.5 guard for the sides and setting the foundation for the cut. Davide creates the horseshoe shape around the head to set the line and then follows up the head towards a 2 guard. After that line is set, he pulls out his trimming shears to blend the fade into the side of the hair. Since this is a more classic style, medium length cut there is less clipper work and more scissors work to blend it together.

Part of the trimming technique involves adding texture by cutting perpendicular to the head verses horizontal. After the texture has been added on the sides, Davide starts to trim up the top of the head. Before cutting into the hair he confirms with Keith to the length that he is suggesting. After getting the go-ahead, Davide goes in and finishes the haircut. The hair is styled and Davide moves to cleaning up the beard.

For the beard, Davide is going for a very classic, rounded beard trim. He starts at the sideburns and sets a clean line. The goal of the trim is not to take off any length but to clean it up and remove any fly aways. Davide works on the cheek line with his clippers then goes free hand with the scissors to refine the beard shape. The final cutting to the beard is with the clippers to his mustache. Davide wraps it up by applying some product to the beard and giving one last hair styling work.

As always, it's much better to watch the video than read these descriptions. Take the 8 minutes out of your day to sit back, relax, and enjoy a top notch beard & hair trim.





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