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The aluminum and glass on iPhones are designed to be sleek and stylish. Yet we cover them up with clunky plastic cases to protect our investment thereby hiding its space age beauty. Daniel Piterak decided that he wanted something that solved both problems. “I liked admiring the phone’s unique design and didn’t want to cover it up in some cheap plastic case.” He realized that there were two things he is never without – his iPhone and his wallet.

He originally set out to buy a wallet case for his phone but couldn’t find anything that fit his needs. Some models made the phone inaccessible, some had compartments for cash and credit cards that were too small to meet his needs. The only solution was to manufacture his own.

Piterak’s first prototype was made using paper and a stapler. He tried different set-ups and had his friends weigh-in on the usefulness of the design. After much research and development he brought in designer and architect Lukas Vondracek to really make things click. “It’s not just about innovation and functionality. It’s also about designing a fashionable accessory, something extraordinary.” They settled on Italian leather known for it’s exceptional quality.

His iPhone cases are available for all of the iPhone 5, 6, and 6 Plus models. Available in matte black, cognac brown and dark tobacco brown. The black case has grey stitching that really pops. I received the dark brown model and the blue stitching caught my eye right out of the box. The full-grain leather means it’s never been sanded, buffed or snuffed. They will develop a great patina over time and the smell is unforgettable.

I immediately merged my cards into the five slots on the left side and slid my phone into the right side. There is a section for cash under the cards as well as the top opening. It measures 5 3/4” by 3 3/4” when closed and fit smartly into my back pocket. Ideally this could fit in the inside pocket of a jacket.

I’m forever checking that my keys are in one pocket, phone in the other, and wallet in the back pocket. I loved that it freed up one of my pockets completely. The first day I had it I set it down on my desk at the office and it drew a crowd. The compliments and questions always ended with “I want that.”

In terms of usability I had no problem sliding my phone in and out of it when I needed it. I also went right to the store to test its ability to use Apple Pay through the wallet and it worked great. The case has an opening at the top that allows you to put your thumb on the Touch ID and you are on your way. I felt like quite the sophisticate using it.

I’ve officially dumped my old wallet as well as my old phone case.


Danny P. also offers iPad sleeves ($119), Macbook sleeves ($149) slim wallets ($109) and messenger bags ($489). A slim case for iPhone 5 is $29 and the iPhone 5 wallet case is $99. Gotta have it right now? With distribution centers in the US and Europe they send it the next day with free worldwide shipping and offer FedEx Priority shipping for an additional fee.

$129 dannypstyle.com

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