DJ Chris Lawyer


Name’s Krisztián Katona, also known as DJ Chris Lawyer. I’m an economics graduate, and an application writer, though I’ve never worked professionally as either. I’m an open minded man that enjoys meeting new people, especially when we share common interests. I believe in reincarnation but not forcing beliefs, have a love for moving out of my comfort zone, and a drive to create things that people will still be talking about years after they’ve been made.


A lot of stuff actually! I’m a video director, DJ and producer; crafting underground music consisting of mostly minimal and techno beats (occasionally accompanied by my own lyrics and vocals). In the past few years I’ve played in many countries, and I’m most happy that I’ve also been able to make a career here in Hungary. I recently opened my own music label, Naschkatze Underground, hoping to give a helping hand to industry newcomers and get their music out to the scene as professional as possible.


I live in a town called Hort. It’s a peaceful location with kind people, at the bottom of Mátra. Locals here primarly deal in watermelon gardening and agriculture.

There are 3,500 people that live in this small town and there’s not much stuff to do, but we’re close to everything. Mátra, “The Top Of The Hill” is 30 kms away, the capital city of Budapest is 65 kms away, and the city where I born is about 73 kms from here. The good thing about Hungary is that there’s history everywhere and you can easily find something interesting to learn about or do. Hort has a special place in my heart, but for now I’m thinking about moving away for a couple of years to build my career and make new relationships. My soul needs expansion.


I wanted a beard since the age of 17, but I had a girlfriend who gave me an ultimatum. The beard or her. So I did what I had to do and I’ve had a beard for about 2 years now. My beard game didn’t actually become strong until I discovered Jeff Buoncristiano. He became my beard inspiration, and I found myself ordering my first oils and waxes because of him. I think beards look manly, give me a great appearance and I love having it as a part of my style.

I change my look very often, so evolving is very important for me. Right now I think I’m right where I have to be.


Connect with Chris on Instagram: @djchrislawyer
Photographs by Dániel Czibolya


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