Double U Frenk Iron Triangle Necklace

If you’re going to round out your style like a pro, you can’t leave your neck naked. That’s why you need to pick yourself up an iron triangle necklace from Double U Frenk.

“I’m not really flashy, but I do like decoration,” says collection curator Jeff Buoncristiano.

“I like the simple style, and being a shorter guy, a triangle is a shape that’s elongating. It’s also masculine and bold, it’s very complimentary.”

The simple, minimalist piece not only looks awesome, but it’s composed of a chain of brass and a pendant of Zamak, both galvanized in Aged Silver.

What’s Zamak?

Zamak is a metal of zinc and alloying elements of aluminum, magnesium, and copper, and is a hypoallergenic metal, antitrust and 100% nickel free.

It’s an awesome concept from an awesome company. Double U Frenk started in 2013 simply as a creative outlet for a small group of friends in Modena, Italy. Their first design was a skull necklace that they shopped to local clubs, and quickly found there was interest in their brand and company. You can now find them being carried in 80 shops around Italy and ship worldwide from their website.


All that success would generally lead to the construction of a flagship brick and mortar store, right? Not this time.

The Double U Frenk team skipped the physical storefront idea and instead outfitted a caravan with their designs and style and drive around the country showcasing their jewelry at festivals and shops. Their pieces are popular with guys around the world, and it’s easy to see why.

“I’ve seen the triangle shape on a few models and have seen how it looks from an outside perspective and I really like it,” says Buoncristiano.

“It mimics that masculine shape of broad shoulders and tapering to the waist, so it’s a cool piece.”

If you invest in such a bad-ass piece of hardware, it’s important to note that there are some specific instructions for how to care for the necklace and keep it looking its best for years to come.

First of all, don’t get it wet! Water can lead to rust and color-changing effects. Also don’t use corrosive soaps, so avoid wearing your necklace in the shower. And of course, be aware of what your necklace is brushing up against. Letting it grind against harsh abrasive surfaces or coming in contact with any kind of chemical substance can do serious damage, so pay attention to what you’re leaning on, or in.

It’s time you get some Double U Frenk in your life. The iron triangle necklace is simple, clean, and classic – if you’re looking for the perfect timeless accessory to sharpen your style, then it’s time you go geometric.

To get your Double U Frenk iron triangle necklace, and to see more from Jeff, visit his page now!



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