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Farshad Dortadj

Who I am

I am Farshad Dortadj, or Fash for ease of pronunciation. I’m a 32 year-old Britiranian (British-Iranian). I grew up in Tehran, and migrated to England as a teenager. I love traveling and seeing different parts and cultures of the world.

What I do

I’m currently a QA Engineer who also enjoys the creative side of the digital world such as 3D modeling and drawing/painting in Photoshop. While I have a firm foot in software development, I’d like to also become more serious about moving into the modeling industry.

Where I live

I live in a bustling area of West London. I am in love with this city.

Why I beard

I beard because I like how it puts a smile on other people’s faces. Also because my beard works as an ice breaker; strangers stop me all the time to strike up a conversation about it. Above all that, I just prefer my face with the beard!

Connect with Farshad on Instagram via @fashrish.

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