Five New Hairstyles To Try This Spring

Do you feel it, fellas? There has been an awakening. Or at least there’s one on the horizon. For those of you forced to experience actual winter from wherever you call home, you’ve probably seen hints of spring popping up through the grey and chill. Mornings might still be rough, but the mid-day sun is trying to tell you something and that something is certainly worth celebrating. With spring almost here, you’ve got some decisions to make. For instance, it might be time to reorganize your apartment or clean out your closet or try out a new look once you’re finally able to put your parka in storage for a few months. At the top of this list though is the age old question: what hairstyle should I try out this spring?

Forgive us summer and winter, but spring and fall are the times to really give new hairstyles a go. Without the extreme nature of winter’s cold or summer’s heat, spring allows you to really make a change without having to fear too much temperature-based discomfort. You can go as extreme as you want in either direction, but we always support a beardsman’s decision to change things up and take a new step forward as winter’s cold floats away in favor of jeans, sneakers, and your favorite t-shirt that’s been hibernating since October. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of our favorite hairstyles to try out this spring.

Buzz Cut


The simplest and cleanest haircut in all the land. Have you been letting your hair grow all winter until it’s taken on a look similar to that of Matt Damon’s towards the end of The Martian? Well then maybe it’s time to take a pair of clippers to your dome and start (almost) completely fresh. Every guy should buzz their head at some point in their adult life. We become so attached to our hair, especially as we age, that it can be a good exercise to simply detach from it and begin again. The buzz cut is freeing, requires almost zero maintenance, and allows you to skip over the part of your day where you wonder how your hair looks. All wins in our book.

High & Tight-ish


For all the love flowing through the stylish world for the return of long hair, the high and tight-ish is still the most popular haircut in the country. Take Ryan Reynolds’ look from Deadpool, for example. This is a bit more extreme than most, playing up the former military aspect of his character Wade Wilson, but the ratio of hair from top to sides, along with the obvious use of a pair of clippers around the head, all plays into a look that you can see in bars, offices, and other places men congregate around the country. Some might let their hair out a little longer on top, going for more of the undercut look, but it’s all in the same phylum of style. And hey, we can’t complain one bit.

Messy Caesar


Sometimes it can be hard to describe to your barber how you want your hair to look. For ages, women have taken the much smarter path and simply brought a photo of someone who they wanted to emulate the look of, but guys, well we’re more accustomed to giving a barber instructions that rival that of a bumbling buffoon. Barbers are professionals, but they can’t read your mind so be as specific as possible when you tell them about this next cut to try out, the messy caesar. Essentially, the messy caesar is a bit of a grown out version of the high and tight-ish, except the length is a bit more even all around, or if you come about it from the other direction, you’ll have your sides cut down with a pair of scissors, instead of the clippers, but left with some presence. This is a precise cut made to look a little messy, which is a delicate balancing act, but glory comes to he who tries.



There are two pivotal stages of a man growing out his hair: the moment he decided to undertake this monumental task and the moment he realizes how many months of awkwardness he’s going to have to endure to achieve the desired result. This is not a journey for everyone and many, sadly, eventually give in and go back to one of our previously mentioned styles. However, if you do continue on with letting your hair grow out, you’re going to have to make the most out of whichever stage you’re at. Enter the mid-length cut and the guy who’s seemingly owned it the past few years, Bradley Cooper. Look, it doesn’t hurt that the dude is incredibly good looking, but he’s mastered styling a length of hair that can turn into a disaster at almost any turn. Keep in mind that when it comes to the mid-length, a little styling goes a long way. You don’t want to look like you’re trying to tame your increasingly magnificent head of hair, even if all it is is a previous haircut of yours grown out.

Fully Grown Out


Maybe this spring is finally the time to do what you’ve always said you’d do with your hair, to go full on long hair and let it fly like you’ve always wanted. If you’re already at a mid-length point then you’re almost there (uh, basically)! The majority of us who do go fully grown out with our manes are doing so after having received some kind of styled haircut ages ago, which means your hair isn’t going to grow out evenly. That being said, once the majority of your hair has reached a length you like, i.e. when you can finally put it back in a bun perhaps, then the time has come to visit a barber and have them even it out for you. Nothing significant, just a few adjustments to make sure it keeps growing out the way you want and how you want. We assure you, even when you’re going for a style that screams, “I don’t get haircuts,” you’ll still want to get a trim every now and then.


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