Get Textured Hair

Getting cool, natural looking textured hair might seem like a challenge, but with the right products and a little patience, it’s a snap.

In today’s video, Eric is here with a tutorial on how to achieve textured beach hair anytime, anywhere. All you’ll need is a hair dryer and some sea salt spray – we recommend Beardbrand’s new men’s sea salt spray, infused with kaolinite clay.

First, towel dry your hair and leave it a little damp. Then give your hair a generous couple spritzes of your sea salt spray. Grab your hair dryer, and get to work – use a warm to cool setting, and scrunch your hair in your hand to really beef up the waves and texture. And gentlemen, that’s about all it takes to get luscious surfer locks! Check out the video for a full tutorial, and head to to get your men’s sea salt spray now!


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