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Getting Back to Basics: The Scissor Cut

Stewart is here looking to sharpen up his look from Darren at Gentleman & Rogues. It's been about a month since his last haircut, so he's mainly going for a trim. Darren sweeps it to one side and wants the sides to be much softer. He's gonna start with a scissor cut, so he starts toward the back of the head. Always work directly in front of where you're standing, as to not make the cut uneven. This also allows him to trim the edges and shape them as necessary.

People always say it's easier and faster to work with clippers, but Darren has over 20 years of experience and believes you can be just a quick with a pair of scissors. He doesn't have to keep switching guards, just changing the angle of the comb. Now he takes the scissors and comb at an angle and taking a bit of the weight out. It doesn't seem to work at first, so he takes them at a different angle to see what works the best. It definitely leaves him with a softer haircut.

Darren begins to shape the sides of the beard. He notes that it's much easier to do with dry hair. When it's wet, you don't really see the shape building up as much. He dampens it down a bit to work on the top though. He doesn't want to make it look like a combover. He's not looking to take too much weight off the top. The point is mainly to connect the shortest points. Length isn't the priority here, it's weight.

With the beard he wants to take the width off on the sides a bit, and get the hair near his lips trimmed. They give him a cape like Batman so Darren can see what he's doing. He wants to leave a lot of the length through the front, but just trim up the sides. Darren stays in one spot in front of Stewart and moves from a forehand to backhand to get trim both sides equally. He moves on to trim the stray hairs all the way around and above his lips.

Darren finishes off the look with some Sea Salt Spray for his hair, and some Old Money Beard Oil for his beard. Then uses a blow dryer and edge trimmers to clean up the cut and send Stewart out the door with a smile on his face.





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