Getting Rid of Bleached Hair While Maintaining a Great Style

—Josh Lawson

Jamie is here in the BlackHouse barber shop today with Tilly as his barber! They are going to fade the sides, with a long low blend all leading down to the back, while also taking out a bunch of the bleached hair on top. Tilly starts by putting in her line super low, like right above the ear. This'll help take out a lot of the bulk and really shape the haircut. She does this all the way around the head, then uses a clipper over comb to take more weight out of the haircut along the sides and back. Since Jamie is wanting to go with an undercut this time, they have to move his part slightly. Tilly achieves this by cutting the hair even with the weight line that is already there.

The fade is gonna go quite high up the back because Tilly and Jamie want to get as much of the bleach out as possible. Then she uses a scissor over comb to soften up the edges. The guard changes to a 0.5 so she can map out the fade. Talc powder is used on Jamie's neck so Tilly can see all the small hairs and sweep away some of the ones she already cut. After that, she moves on to a 1.5 to further establish the blend of the haircut. She flicks at the lines with different guards so get rid of any harsh lines.

Now on to the top of the haircut. Tilly wets Jamie's hair and sets up her partitions. She works on the crown first and starts to connect the two smallest points of the hair. This really helps get rid of the bleached areas. Then she moves on to the rest of the hair or the other partition she made. It's the bulk of the cut and the part that makes the pompadour. She combs it all forward, then splits it down the middle. Tilly takes a handful at a time and just takes the bleach right out. Then does a bit of point cutting to give it some texture. A warning to those of you who want to bleach your hair, be prepared for the journey of getting it out.

While his hair is down, she softens up the edges of the weight line. Then, Tilly puts a bit of product in Jamie's hair before blow drying his hair on medium heat. To finish up, she uses a detailer to really make the edges sharp and crisp. And ends with a bit of dry shampoo and Jamie styling it the way he likes it.

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