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Getting the Most of Your Long Hair (Texture is Your Friend)

Ryan it at his favorite barbershop, Gentleman & Rogues Club to get his hair cut. Today, he's gonna do a scissor cut because he is growing out his hair, and Darren wants it to look softer. Darren is gonna take the sides in with a little bit of direction, leave the length on the top but take out the weight. Most times you would want to cut a hair dry, but he keeps the hair damp since there is so much of it and he's really only dealing with the sides. He wants to cut in a new baseline, but cuts at the angle he wants it to grow.

Ryan's hair is really heavy, so Darren has to be careful about the weight. He takes it out around the ear and leaves some near the top. After he's done the layering, he can cut out the hair he no longer needs. Darren carries on the directional pattern he's been doing. He also holds his hand in the direction he wants the hair to go. Then he repeats the process on the other side.

Since Ryan's hair is a bit long, Darren doesn't want the cut to look too square. So he takes the weight away near the bottom and makes it hold the weight near the top. Again, he holds his hand in the direction he wants the hair to lay. The length on the top is gonna stay the same, so he takes thinning shears to take away some of the weight.

He won't take any weight out at the front since it is the lightest part of your hair. But he does check the rest of the cut to see if he needs to thin up any more areas. He ends by giving the back of the neck a point cut and soften up the taper, then puts in some product for Ryan and they're all set to go home.





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