How to Deal With Hair Loss or Thinning Hair Using Rogaine

Today we are talking about the biggest mistake you can make when dealing with hair loss. Let's take the elephant out of the room and talk about it, hair loss sucks. Like, it's just flat out terrible. Some of you guys look at the video and are like, "Dude, Eric, you have a full head of hair. Why are we talking about hair loss?" But, here's the deal guys, I'm thinning on my crown. If you look at some of the old videos where I duck down you can kinda see it, and it sucks! You know, hair loss, I think it affects every guy. And, for the guys that say it doesn't affect them, I don't entirely believe you.

There's something about that control of your hairstyle being taken away from you. A lot of guys that have a full head of hair maybe shave their head or go bald, because they choose to. But when you don't have that choice it's not fun. Now, that act of losing control brings out a lot of fears. It brings out insecurities. It's like if I'm single will I be able to pick up girls, or pick up guys. If I'm trying to get a job am I going to be able to stand out from my competitors or the other candidates. Hair has a lot of stigmas associated with it in society, and subsequently, guys wanna keep it and have the option of shaving it off. That's the mistake I'm talking about, shaving your head.

Now, before you get all in a tizzy, I'm not against shaving your head if you're thinning or balding. What I'm against, and what the biggest mistake is, is at the very first sign of hair loss you just go and shave it. Here's the thing, hair loss affects everyone in different ways. You may see some temple receedings, you may see the hairline go, may have it like me and see thinning on the crown, but you can take action. That means you can wear hairstyles that rock thinning hair and you can be proud of the hairline you have and wear it with pride, and own it! I've talked about hair loss in the past, so it is no stranger to me.

Let's be real guys, there are some really cool hairstyles out there that are beyond just bald. Now bald is a cool hairstyle. I'm not against it if that's what you want to go with. What I'm saying is first take action. We talked about taking action by finding a hairstyle that works for thinning hair. Other actions are using scientifically proven products that will help you regrow, get your hair back, or even slow down the hair loss products. If you've seen some of the previous videos, you'll know I'm using Rogaine. You'll know I put it on my crown to slow the hair loss, that's why I'm doing it. I've integrated it into my life.

Here's the thing, using Rogain is life brushing your teeth. The whole hair loss is like brushing your teeth. When you get a cavity you don't remove all your teeth and go full dentures. It'd be like when you start to get a little bit of hair loss, shave your head, and just be done with it. No, when you get a cavity you brush better, floss better, go to the dentist more often. You fight to keep your teeth. That's like using Rogaine; I'm going to use product, integrate it into my life, and keep the hair that I got.

My biggest hurdle when I first got on to Rogaine was that it's gonna be a lot of work, and it was gonna mess up my hair, or make it greasy and oily. I have naturally oily hair and I was worried it would make it more oily. The foam in Rogaine is so much better than the alternatives, where you are dripping the minoxidil and it just runs down your head. The foam just works. It gets into your skin, it doesn't mess up your hair, and you can still use your styling product. You brush your teeth, you apply the Rogaine, and go on with your life. It's just another thing that's a part of your daily routine.

You guys know I'm a big fan of Rogaine. I've done plenty of videos in the past talking about them. They sponsored this video, and I'm super appreciative of that. I say this stuff for free and now they are helping grow and support the community. They are also helping me on my journey to take action for the things I want out of life, slow down my hair loss, and regrow some hair. It's just an awesome thing. After you take an action, take products like Rogaine, or gotten a haircut that rocks thinning hair, and you're still experiencing a lot of hair loss or it's something that's not making you confident, then, yes. Go ahead and feel free to go short on the hair, or go completely bald on your head. That's cool, just know that you did it after you took control of your hair loss and brought that into yourself, rather than hair loss take control of you.


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