Jerry Smith

Who I Am

Jerry Vernon Smith, but you can call me Jerry. I’m a 25 year old, carefree East Coast native who has a passion for male fashion, an eye for art and design, and a secret obsession with Ryan Gosling.

What I Do

A computer geek by day, and a professional adventurer by night. You’ll likely see me unplugged on the weekend.

Anything that involves the outdoors, I’m game. Waking up to a brisk morning in a tent is my idea of the perfect day. It’s so refreshing to me. I also model out of Baltimore, Maryland. I really give credit to the talented photographers and creative designers for making me look great.


Where I Live

I reside in the southern part of Maryland, close to Washington, DC. A really exciting place to come visit, and if you let me know ahead of time I’ll take you to my favorite bar in Alexandria.

Why I Beard

It’s a way of expressing yourself without saying anything at all. It’s a sign of masculinity, individualism, and tranquility. My beard gives me that memorable first impression that’s unique in this world where everyone is trying to fit in. Stand out and be recognized.

Besides all that, I think I look exponentially better with it than without.

Connect with Jerry Vernon Smith on Instagram: @Jerryvernonsmith

Photographs by Dean Alexander.
Wardrobe provided by Christopher Schafer Clothier.

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